Sunday, February 6, 2011


What's with the fucking delay of indie haters?
That shit was done about six months ago and now all the losers have finally caught on that "indies" the next label they can slap on people to make themselves feel somehow superior.
But be careful, if you defend this imaginary label of people you get ganged up on by all the indie haters, and they even try and tell you how they've put you in the indie category too.
It's a fucking competition these days who can be the most individual, there's the ones who are always on to the next thing- those they'd be labeling indie right now, those who were labelled hardcore, scene, emo, before that, and then there's those who are either late comers into the dead fad or the ones who refuse to move on in lifes repeating circles of fashion.
Because it's uncool to be cool and cool to be uncool, because that's what's cool at the moment, and everyone is going berserk with insults, ego's everywhere competing for the respect of their peers.
None of it is cool.
Just be chill.
It's the way everyone should always be...
But don't be chill as a collective or you'll be sure to gather opposable collective people who will do just the opposite to be different, even if it means throwing a bomb into an all chill zone.
The type of people who would bomb Switzerland.

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