Thursday, March 25, 2010

When everyday becomes a photoshoot.

Canon 40D (brought for $2300 selling for $500)
- lovely condition
- comes with batteries and everything else you need (manuals etc)
Tamron 11-18mm ( brought for $800 selling for $250)
- perfect condition
- Wide angle lense, pretty much all my photos have been taken with this.
- Includes Poloriszer filter and UV filter, worth $200 but free if you buy the lense
- so the whole setup is worth $1000 but you get it for $250
Sigma 18-200 lense (brought it for $700 selling for $150)
- barely been used but a bloody good lense
Canon Flash transmitter ST-E2 (brought for $400 selling for $100)
- this is a must have piece of equipment if you wanna start flash photography
if you buy all of the gear above, ill sell it to you for $850
SERIOUSLY CONSIDER this deal if you want to start photography. i can teach you all that i know if you buy some stuff off me. ill make sure you know how to work everything etc.
FEEL FREE TO BARGAIN, but be nice.
i have used this camera and lese setup in the photos on my website. ROWTAYLOR.COM
everything is in very good condition, nothing is wrong with anything.
this really is an amazing deal. just letting you know. 



So here's a line of my original, personal philosophy:
Maturity is not determined by what we do, but how we reason by it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Scored a 'good as new' set of Insight boardshorts from this summer at an op-shop today.
Guess how much!? (Highlight it, its in white>>>)  $4
Not a bad effort at all, perfect size 30 too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walking Distance.

This is a song Bianca Cerminara and myself started way back in the waiting room for our Drama HSC performances.
It was always meant to be a duet, but she's not in "walking distance" anymore, so it was never going to get done soon.
I jazzed it up a bit since my last recording of it.
Again, tell me what you think!! PLEASE :)
> Click me to listen :) <


Pen to paper write it down, the ink is smudging letters out. 
dont know what to say to you, but hoping that your love is true.
If you were here my lips would shake and suddenly my heart would ache.
Watching every step you take away from me. 
Oooh suddenly my life is so empty and I... cant live without you sleeping by my side at night, i sigh at night.
At the fact im not gonna see you for quite some time...
La da da da da i miss you babe.
If i could fly I'd fly so high, I'd pick you up into the sky,
There we'd station in the clouds, We'd run and dance and laugh out loud.
Now It's only one more week, Until I find the love I seek,
I wont remember how to speak, when I see your face. 
Oooh suddenly my life is so empty and I... cant live without you sleeping by my side at night, i sigh at night.
At the fact im not gonna see you for quite some time...
La da da da da i miss you babe.
I do. Im so lost without you. Its true. When I close my eyes all I see is you and your gorgeous smile,
I open them and there you stand... Can this be true?
Oooh suddenly my life is so great and I'm so happy that your sleeping by my side at night, I sleep so tight
Knowing you're right next to me and I can hug and kiss you and show you how much, I love you babe.

Vanilla Twilight

Everyone is always telling me that my music reminds them of Owl City...
So I thought I probably should get his album... and I must say... It's sick.
For one man, Adam Young has alot of talent... such thick texture in each song.
Don't hate him just because he actually made it guys, he unlike most 'artists' actually has alot of talent.
Anyway... this is one of my favourite songs off the album, I learnt the piano to it this morning and recorded my version of it... Tell me what you think of it... keep in mind... I did this in the time space of an hour.
> Check it out <

Happy Birthday Madison Tippett!

21/3/09 She finally turned 16.
We woke up that morning with Ash, Jaxon, Sam, Jimi, Edwina and my mum if you want to get teckerz.
Lazed around for too long.
Gave Madison her presents from me and my mum.
Had the cake that Edwina made and I had some vegan cake my mum made for us.
Went to Yackandandah with Madison and met Sam there... via getting noodles for about the 3rd time that week.
Sophie and Ely were at the folk fest in Yack... so were others like Grace and Juliet and Beci etc.
Chilled for a bit then took a nice sceneric way home to Wangaratta via Beechworth, listening to Madz sing frikkin "do your boobs hang low..." in every possible way and voice and tone possible!
Got back to Madisons and met Laura, witnessed Madi get a tonne more owl presents and then went out for dinner with the family.
Chilled for a bit after that and then Madison came said goodbye to me out in the car for a bit.
It was sad leaving her... you have no idea how freakin' cute she is.
Tippett... you make me smile like no other.
I'm forever yours.

Madisons Pre-B-Day

Saturday morning woke up with only Madison, SamW and Jimi left.
Not a bad effort... usually my house looks like a mine field in the morning, my mum didn't have to step over dead bodies haha.
We eventually made our way to Boost via Jaxons.
Picked up Jaxon/Alex/Ash and headed off.
*From here onwards it's a picture book*

Yep you can make a story out of that. 
We played vortex, made a campfire, failed to make a boat, Jimi and I walked through to the other side of the weir, you can sort of see us in the fourth photo back, overall it was a rad time, I hope Madison enjoyed it.
On the way home I let Ash drive, forgetting completely that he had been drinking and the fact he didn't have his license :s haha but when I realised I was like PULL OVER! haha shh it was all outback fun.
Alex had been almost eaten by Mozzies.
Got back and had an anti-mozzie-bath and vegan lasagna was more than a hit.
Josh Hab, Sam Wallace and Joel Billet came over.
We chilled and at one stage had a Ouija.
We got talking to Ashley's friend Yasmin, who had recently passed over.
It was weird but... I left and she called me back in to tell me I was bad.
Why was I bad?
What do you mean?
-In too deep. Stop.
What if I don't?
Who controls my death?
-They do.

That was a snippet of the conversation, it was kind of cool.
I didn't really do the Ouija apart from that, I was too busy with my now finally legal girlfriend.
Watched Gamer. Slept like logs.
Happy Birthnight Madison :) 

Sleepwalking a Horsey in Style.

So, last Friday we had a Horsey Extenda Gig.
Wess couldn't make it so we made Ash, who can't play and has never played bass before... play bass and learn it all within two hours of the gig.
Haha it was never going to be a tight gig... we hadn't practiced at all. But who cares. It's Horsey Extenda.
"What's a fret?!"

So first song opens. SMASH! Bass head straight through Sam's head. Bloooody hell!
The show must go on. Sam did well. However I felt sorry for anyone watching us haha.
After that Sleepwalker played amazing. I got Madison to Film them as she wasted Jaxons Camera battery on us Horsey Kids... So i'll have that uploaded soon, along with the Chelsea gig from the previous week, and the horsey gig from Maddi's 18th.

After that everyone came back to my house and partied... Only some of us in this photo though.
I'll get on Edwina's laptop and find the screen shot of what we were watching... lol.

Mad at Melbourne.

I had mad fun and mad anger.
Friday, two weeks ago, we had ChelseaWontJump gig at retro, then Madison and I drove up to Melbourne.
It was a fun trip up!
When we went to the 'new' highway/food complex I got hit on by a group of guys haha over Madison!
They called me beanstalk and I lolled.
Got to my Grandparents house at about 2am... and snuck around quietly ;)
Woke up early as I had to work at MSAC, I was being Head Coach for the weekend.
Madison came with me for a bit then she walked all the way into the city haha.
I finished late. Nailed a parking ticket too :(.
Then g00gled my way to Elouise's house in St.Kilda to pick her and Madison up and go to Ellie's.
We got there eventually.
It was rad fun, haha very funny moments that can't be explained here, Madison off her face all night haha, Jack Fennessy, Mickey T, Jake and a few others were also there!
Woke up early again for work.
Major fail trying to get back to the pool... Nailed an eTag ticket :(
Got two silver medals out of all the finalist swimmers the next day which was a weak effort I though haha as when I used to swim at that meet I won every event, every year.
Kind of put it into perspective of how much of a freak I was.
Had a horrible, horrible time getting back to Ellie's in Ascot Vale... I ended up giving up in extreme stress and anger and went back to the city. It wasn't that I couldn't get there, I just kept not being able to get in to the lane to turn off on the highways... it was so shit.
Anyway... parked in the city, very cautious of parking meters this time.
But then I see I have a fine hidden away in my windscreen wipers.
Motherfucker. Apparently I had parked somewhere illegal the day before for literally 30 seconds while I ran to get chips for everyone... I don't know how I didn't see the inspector, and the stupid no parking zone sign was covered by a tree. I wanted to cry.
I took my anger out on lord of the fries nuggets and burgers.
Then went to retro star briefly and nailed a rad red jumper, just what i'd been subconsciously on the search for.
Finally got back to Ellies and they were all drunk and lame and I was just shitty as hell so I left for some more time for myself and came back basically to grab Madison and head back to my Grans and Grandads.
On the way home we went to Doncaster Westfield briefly and we washed our feet at my G's as we had been reppin no shoes all weekend.
We left that night and took the scenery route back to the highway, it was lovely.
We wasted about an hour at some small town with a rad skatepark.
Madison still being drunk and funny made a video which goes for like 23 minutes, whilst we were on the search for more alcohol for her haha... it's on my to do list as to upload it and post it for you to all watch and regret watching haha...
She stayed at mine that night and the next day we went out to the tabletop/bowna weir and she busted a few skids... then we went down to Dean st and then I had to go to work.
SamHam came over to entertain her and Jordyn too... we had some chat roulette fun and then I drove Miss Madsnake back to wangdiddly. Funny trip back...
We sang all the way back... at one stage we did a recording with the T-PAIN app on my iPhone, it was funny improvisational stuff, so I thought I'd share our lameness and shit/funny/badly-auto-tuned singing for you all.


Finally Thurgoona is starting to recognise itself as an independent town from Albury and the works...
We now have our own shopping mall!
Well only woolworths is open atm... and the thurgoona bakery!
SO happy the bakery is open because now I can eat a loaf a day of there amazing bread. Mmmmmm :)
You should all probably get chaamouuunsgt it.
Sam, Edwina and I went with Mother dear to check it out the other day.
It was funny, we were like so excited... but really... at the end of the day, we went to fucking woolworths haha.

All Aboard!

The spoon train.
Ally came over twice last week, once to visit Jess/and the Fam,
and again to dye her hair whilst Jess and I were having a dye sesh.
On one of these nights she unfortunately got raped by myself, then Sam... then both of us.
Sorry Ally haha.
But later on that night we had a soon train. Spoonee's became spooners and vise versa.
Jess left to watch gossip girl before this photo was taken, but we spooned for quite some time.
We could not take a fucking photo to save our lives, don't worry ally I won't post the hilariously bad one of you haha... instead i'll post the shit one of me :( haha calm down Edwina and Sam!

St. Patricks Dead.

Is a day I really should hate, but had a sweltering good time!
A day numbskulls celebrate religion and alcohol... oh boy.
Anyway... My cousin Jess was down so Ash/SamW/SamH/Hayden and I took her out to get our green on.
Paddys was disgustingly filled so we went to Alex's house down A.m.p lane, it was sick!
Played with her nipple tassles, thanks Sam for the backing beat haha...

Then we went to roi but quickly left and went back to Paddys but minus Jess as she was hatin' haha.
Scorps gave us all GUINESS shirts! we ripped em up and repped em hxc.
I had headband, sweatbands and a shirt. Not bad.

Ended back at Roi and partied hard 'til a good five in the morning.
Next day was when I recorded Sam's demo...
Sorry I'm just catching up on some blogs ;)

P.s - I love Ashlea Stirling. She is so happygreatamazing :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lonely Bones

New song!
It's about a lost little puppy I saw in the city one time. Feedback?

She goes wherever the wind blows,
She roams wherever the roads may take her.
She knows nobody wants her home tonight.
She's got no place to go.
So she's gone to find some shelter.
Watch her weave down a crowded street.
Her head hanged down she see's so many feet.
She's found a nice place on the side of the road.
She hopes that tonight won't be so cold.
All of the people they stop and they stare,
but not one person has stopped to care.
She hopes for a stranger to slow down soon.
To stroke her hair and find her a room, to stay.
At least just for a day.
She's not what you probably thinking.
She's not some addict who is always drinking.
No this young lass has done nothing wrong.
So why's she struggling out there on her own?
All the people they stop and they stare,
but not one person stopped to care.
She hopes for a stranger to slow down soon.
To stroke her hair and find her a room, to stay.
She hoped they'd see her desperate plea, 
by looking in her eyes.
She cries for help but the small dogs yelp gets no replies.
But then a stranger picked her up,
and took her to his home.
He bathed her and he fed her,
one too many bones.
Her saviour wasn't rich... a house he did not own.
But he took the small dog in, and now they weren't alone.
They had nothing but love.
But love is all you need.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Translucent flight.

Meet Wifey...

Invisible Wall.

Terrible modeling on our behalf haha but apparently we were about 5m away from eachother but it's edited closer.
I like that.
Don't you?
Nice little metaphor?
haha... I like my hair in this shot anyway.

10 Native Indian Commandments:

Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
Remain close to the Great Spirit.
Show great respect for your fellow beings.
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
Do what you know to be right.
Look after the well-being of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
Be truthful and honest at all times.
Take full responsibility for your actions.

I found a painting/poster in my new favourite shop with this on it.
I really, really liked it. I almost bought it but then I was like... nah.
I thought I'd share it with you all, because I believe it is very wise.

Surrender Eden.

Today Sam quickly got through 2 verses of the track Jeremy produced.
It's pretty fucking rad, take a sneak peak "here" :)
Tell us what you think... Feedback is always much appreciated, good or bad.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Duco Fides.

Yesterday I found my new favourite shop.
It's a spiritual, gypsy, bits and pieces store.
I'm in love with everything in there.
Today I went in there and bought a heap of stuff.
One thing being a new set of rosary beads.
They're the biggest, longest, creepiest beads ever, with a fucked up looking Jesus.
I plan on inverting the cross and engraving "Duco Fides" on it.
Duco, Latin for Mislead, and Fides, Faith/Belief etc.
It should go nicely with a Catholic day celebration like St. Patricks day today.
Its got INRI inscripted on it at the moment which is basically Latin for Jesus, King of Jews. Ditch that.
On the topic of religions and such.
I was just having a bit of a research session and with all the information i've found, they all link back to one thing...
That is Sumerian text.
When they talk about the Devil and Satan and Lucifer (which actually means Light bringer, which is Jesus righteous title) they always talk how this evil plans on corrupting the world.
I personally believe that it's been pretty successful in gaining power through false religious misinterpretations and corruptions.
Those fundamentalist Christians and Muslims and Jews etc all worship what they preach against from where I stand.
Relating this back to Sumerian texts and "myths" of extra-dimensional-terestrial beings, the Annunaki/Reptilian "Gods", who were nothing but false God's and who slaved mankind and genetically modified us to create this corrupt world we live in.
There is scientific proof to support the idea our DNA chromosomes have been modified, the most obvious point being the fact we have 2 pairs of chromosome "fused" together... so we have 48 chromosomes, which is what every animal on this planet has, but fused into the space of 46.
Historic facts, Sumerian scrolls and carvings depicting full knowledge of astonomy and planets we've only just discovered, not to mention the tonnes of depictions and explanations of Beings who came from the stars. Plus the fact that the Sumerians were the first ever Human civilization, predating Egyptians, mayans etc, yet they knew so much, they created the basis of what we know of society today, Time, Calenders, Education, etc.
I believe these beings that "created" these humans and are the Fallen angels depicted as "Lucifer", in biblical texts like Enoch and the fallen angels.

They mislead us in two opposing directions, in order to control us.


I hate when I hear the quote, "everything happens for a reason". It's like... no shit.
But it doesn't happen for a reason for the future, it happens because a reason from the past.
Either way, it was always going to happen.
Everything is pre-determined. Free-will is an illusion.
We are all slaved actors, robots.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Butterfly Effect.

Little do we realise the impact we make upon eachother is life changing.
The way our idea's, opinions, friends, interests, attitudes, talents and the rest dramatically alter anothers future.
All the small things we do.
The little things we don't even think twice about.
Affect not just you but everyone.
So make that impact a positive impact.

Broaden your circle of friends.
I think that is one domino effect that could help enrich everyones life.

I just realised...

The hardest thing I will ever fight is temptation.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why is life stopping us from living?!

"These are lyrics to a song we will be playing tonight at our CWJ gig at Retro.
The song is not only an example of what is to come, but a general message to everyone... 
Everyone who lives a routine they don't want to, a circle they just keep repeating... 
Those who are going nowhere, doing nothing and feeling pointless and useless. 
Don't let all this materialistic bullshit and guidelines rule your life! 
Fuck what other people want you to do! 
Do what you want to do, do what you love doing and do it fucking good.
Even if you do just one thing each day, that puts you a step closer to where you want to be, who you want to be.
Stop being controlled like sheep.
Start thinking. Start Questioning. 
Start getting fucking angry at this fucked up world we live in.
Get angry and do something to try make a change.
Because I assure you, if we can change this world for the better, for the people... We will start to see a great harmony in this world."

Walking pointlessly in search of something as unsure as the future seems all too realistic.
Relying on the selfishness of others it gets me nowhere.
Life always seems to stop me from living.
Life always stops me.                                                
Oh how the irony makes me cringe. 
Everything is supposedly pre-determined so I guess I should just sit back and watch the show. 
The pages keep turning and I have no idea as to where the story line is going.
If things don't get better then I might just have to write this chapter alone.
Walking pointlessly in search of something as unsure as the future is.
Life always stop me from living.
I just keep reading what I've just read.
We don't believe we have a purpose.
But I still believe we can try.
That's when I realized.
Everything and everyone is an obstacle.
I was waiting for them to help me.
But never helping myself.
The pages keep turning and I have no idea as to where the story line is going.
If things don't get better, then I might just have to, write this chapter alone.
Every second of everyday the right time to do something in the greater good of not only humanity but everything including this earth and beyond passes. 
So why don't we get up, go and do something with the life we've been given.
Instead us all sitting wishing our lives away bored on our fucking asses.
Life is pointless unless you make a point of it.
We all try so hard to believe we're immortal but the right time passes through the present, it breathes life and gives us chance.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovers Lane.

Finally got around to finishing it. It's harmony central. There's a weird techo-ish bridge amoungst it too.
Oh and also... Back in December I recorded my first song I wrote, Feathers, with Simon, but his PC crashed and he lost it :( I paid for it already so I now have to go back in and either record it again... or record another one?
I reckon I could make a reasonable quality version of that song now myself... Hmm any suggestions?
Lyrics are the same old, me being an heartsick emo haha, I apologise, it's all over now, I'm a happy chap now:

There's nothing I want more than to be in your bed, staring at you in shock of how perfect everything was.
The very moment before we smiled and kissed, after I'd finally coughed up the courage to ask you to be mine.
If I could control time I would pause on that moment forever.
Where nothing mattered. Everthing was perfect. Oh so perfect.
Restart and live it all again.
Who would've thought a few weeks ago, that things would get this bad.
I can't comprehend that the two of us are actually over.
Now everywhere I look and every place I seem to go... 
I'm reminded of you and all the memories to show.
Like the late night journey we had back to yours, i think you steered, the whole way while we sang and laughed. 
God we were so cool. 
If I could control time I would pause on that moment forever.
Where nothing mattered. Everthing was perfect. Oh so perfect.
Restart and live it all again.
I'm sure one day we'll work it out, but just right now I should forget about you and all the things that you do that make me fall in love with you.
I feel so deprived girl without you by my side girl. So i'll leave you with a memory that still gives me butterflies.
Do you remember the time I picked you up, after you stepped off the bus and jumped into my arms and we fell in the mud?
If I could control time I would pause on that moment forever.
Where nothing mattered. Everthing was perfect. Oh so perfect.
Restart and live it all again.

Memory Trip.