Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mad at Melbourne.

I had mad fun and mad anger.
Friday, two weeks ago, we had ChelseaWontJump gig at retro, then Madison and I drove up to Melbourne.
It was a fun trip up!
When we went to the 'new' highway/food complex I got hit on by a group of guys haha over Madison!
They called me beanstalk and I lolled.
Got to my Grandparents house at about 2am... and snuck around quietly ;)
Woke up early as I had to work at MSAC, I was being Head Coach for the weekend.
Madison came with me for a bit then she walked all the way into the city haha.
I finished late. Nailed a parking ticket too :(.
Then g00gled my way to Elouise's house in St.Kilda to pick her and Madison up and go to Ellie's.
We got there eventually.
It was rad fun, haha very funny moments that can't be explained here, Madison off her face all night haha, Jack Fennessy, Mickey T, Jake and a few others were also there!
Woke up early again for work.
Major fail trying to get back to the pool... Nailed an eTag ticket :(
Got two silver medals out of all the finalist swimmers the next day which was a weak effort I though haha as when I used to swim at that meet I won every event, every year.
Kind of put it into perspective of how much of a freak I was.
Had a horrible, horrible time getting back to Ellie's in Ascot Vale... I ended up giving up in extreme stress and anger and went back to the city. It wasn't that I couldn't get there, I just kept not being able to get in to the lane to turn off on the highways... it was so shit.
Anyway... parked in the city, very cautious of parking meters this time.
But then I see I have a fine hidden away in my windscreen wipers.
Motherfucker. Apparently I had parked somewhere illegal the day before for literally 30 seconds while I ran to get chips for everyone... I don't know how I didn't see the inspector, and the stupid no parking zone sign was covered by a tree. I wanted to cry.
I took my anger out on lord of the fries nuggets and burgers.
Then went to retro star briefly and nailed a rad red jumper, just what i'd been subconsciously on the search for.
Finally got back to Ellies and they were all drunk and lame and I was just shitty as hell so I left for some more time for myself and came back basically to grab Madison and head back to my Grans and Grandads.
On the way home we went to Doncaster Westfield briefly and we washed our feet at my G's as we had been reppin no shoes all weekend.
We left that night and took the scenery route back to the highway, it was lovely.
We wasted about an hour at some small town with a rad skatepark.
Madison still being drunk and funny made a video which goes for like 23 minutes, whilst we were on the search for more alcohol for her haha... it's on my to do list as to upload it and post it for you to all watch and regret watching haha...
She stayed at mine that night and the next day we went out to the tabletop/bowna weir and she busted a few skids... then we went down to Dean st and then I had to go to work.
SamHam came over to entertain her and Jordyn too... we had some chat roulette fun and then I drove Miss Madsnake back to wangdiddly. Funny trip back...
We sang all the way back... at one stage we did a recording with the T-PAIN app on my iPhone, it was funny improvisational stuff, so I thought I'd share our lameness and shit/funny/badly-auto-tuned singing for you all.

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paulyb said...

hahhahah love the t-pain hahahaha!