Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All Aboard!

The spoon train.
Ally came over twice last week, once to visit Jess/and the Fam,
and again to dye her hair whilst Jess and I were having a dye sesh.
On one of these nights she unfortunately got raped by myself, then Sam... then both of us.
Sorry Ally haha.
But later on that night we had a soon train. Spoonee's became spooners and vise versa.
Jess left to watch gossip girl before this photo was taken, but we spooned for quite some time.
We could not take a fucking photo to save our lives, don't worry ally I won't post the hilariously bad one of you haha... instead i'll post the shit one of me :( haha calm down Edwina and Sam!

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