Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Duco Fides.

Yesterday I found my new favourite shop.
It's a spiritual, gypsy, bits and pieces store.
I'm in love with everything in there.
Today I went in there and bought a heap of stuff.
One thing being a new set of rosary beads.
They're the biggest, longest, creepiest beads ever, with a fucked up looking Jesus.
I plan on inverting the cross and engraving "Duco Fides" on it.
Duco, Latin for Mislead, and Fides, Faith/Belief etc.
It should go nicely with a Catholic day celebration like St. Patricks day today.
Its got INRI inscripted on it at the moment which is basically Latin for Jesus, King of Jews. Ditch that.
On the topic of religions and such.
I was just having a bit of a research session and with all the information i've found, they all link back to one thing...
That is Sumerian text.
When they talk about the Devil and Satan and Lucifer (which actually means Light bringer, which is Jesus righteous title) they always talk how this evil plans on corrupting the world.
I personally believe that it's been pretty successful in gaining power through false religious misinterpretations and corruptions.
Those fundamentalist Christians and Muslims and Jews etc all worship what they preach against from where I stand.
Relating this back to Sumerian texts and "myths" of extra-dimensional-terestrial beings, the Annunaki/Reptilian "Gods", who were nothing but false God's and who slaved mankind and genetically modified us to create this corrupt world we live in.
There is scientific proof to support the idea our DNA chromosomes have been modified, the most obvious point being the fact we have 2 pairs of chromosome "fused" together... so we have 48 chromosomes, which is what every animal on this planet has, but fused into the space of 46.
Historic facts, Sumerian scrolls and carvings depicting full knowledge of astonomy and planets we've only just discovered, not to mention the tonnes of depictions and explanations of Beings who came from the stars. Plus the fact that the Sumerians were the first ever Human civilization, predating Egyptians, mayans etc, yet they knew so much, they created the basis of what we know of society today, Time, Calenders, Education, etc.
I believe these beings that "created" these humans and are the Fallen angels depicted as "Lucifer", in biblical texts like Enoch and the fallen angels.

They mislead us in two opposing directions, in order to control us.

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