Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warming Weather.

Finished Bio exam and made a huge fool of myself by doing all 7 questions/topics when I was only meant to do the 1, the 1 we had studied! whoops.
Then went to wangledangle to see Madison do some sweepin' at work... hey sweeeepy!
We talked alot. Next day came back to Albury because I had work.
Afterwards we went home but it was too warm and lovely to be at home so we went for a cool drive.
Tried seeing Ally and Ashlea at Star but they dogged it so went to Hungry Jacks and found Sam Wright/Mitchell, Lucas and Willmz. Madison then drove my car to the car wash, which was funny as hell, because she don't even have her L's.
She then washed my car to the absolute!
And then we vacuumed it and cleaned the insides and spayed it full of Strawberry vapour stuff.
Went home to eat our noodles, and they put chicken in mine!
I was so devastated. Went back out to see Jordan at Coles, and saw Mr. Tomithy MqCueen as well lol.
Then went chilled out like children with Ely Smathwack and Mady Dormz. While we enjoyed the night heat, we blew bubbles, threw balls and Madison pimped out my car!
We then went and got slushies and re-saw Zil, Jordyn, Gaby and Jack.
Jack's lego-mobile also got pimped.
"Go the racing stripes!" (Drunk man down Dean st) Yep, Happy Halloween.
Pics posted on mine and Madisons myspace.

Friday, October 30, 2009

You need a Shrink, Not a Blog.

I believe everyone should follow this individual dedicating there time and effort to point out the stupidity in people's blogs. It's a bit funny :) But they don't have enough followers.
Follow them. But be careful what you post about and the grammar you use!
Oh, and its entertainment! A light joke, take it easy and embrace it, they're not THAT harsh!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shifty ain't got shift!



I love how a family of three cats can have such similar genes, but such different personalities.
These are those purple skies I dream for, and my cat Scarlett.

Flash was a bit too close to the kitty, but if she didn't soak in the light the sky looked crap.
I definately don't mind this new camera.

You loser.

After this, i figured out I could study if I go outside and soak in some rays.
But then Scarlett (kitty) and Pom (doggy) kept being too cute and wanting my attention.
So im back inside quickly only to get a drink/chocolate.
But the computer caught my eye. Damn.
Oh and I plan on cutting my hair/dying it again. asap.
Its just pissing me off lately. Plus I stupidly washed it this morning.

Awaken to Fantasy.

Dreaming is an art overlooked.
Honestly if we learnt to become better dreamers, to control every image, every emotion and urge exactly how we fantasize, then mark my words... Life would become a matrix.
Have you ever had a really good dream? So good you get furious when someone wakes you up?
But people will read this and say... why would you want to sleep all your life?
Well to you I say, why do you want to live in a world with limitations and restrictions all your life?
In my dreams I can kick off the ground and fly, it feels as real as I could ever imagine.
In life I get really hurt because of gravity.
My dreams have unlimited potential, and here I am avoiding going to sleep!
I really want to try hard to visualize exactly what perfect might be, this perfect fantasy will only ever have a chance of occurring in my dreams.
I want you to really involve yourself in this, let your imagination run wild:

In fantasy-land, the landscape around me is always brightly intense. Breath-taking.
More than picture perfect, I stand within the frame, perfect light and shadowing.
The skies are on fire at sunset, tones of pink, orange and purple.
The clouds whisper like fairy floss, as they fly past like waves.
The grass is ultra green, just perfect, scruffy and soft.
I can control the breeze, my temperature, my surroundings and gravity.
I am lighter than the air itself.
My surroundings twirl around me, hypnotizing me as they change from grassy fields, to bright blue beaches with purple tinted mountains in the distance.
Not a care in the world here. I am at peace in a world of harmony. Perfection.
I soar through the long grassy fields with superb, sharp surroundings, I start to become one with everything around me. 
I can control everything. 
The tree's race through the seasons, like pages turning in the wind.
Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter.
The birds creating melody amoungst  the calm, yet intense, cinematic music.
The colours are enriched with a glow from within them. 
The flowers float through the breeze and I jump in slow motion, controlling every part of my body with incredible balance, towards the bright red rose.
When I catch it everything around me becomes a blur.
Im weightless, underwater. Slowly sinking. Everything becomes clear as crystals when I realise where I am. There is no need for oxygen. Every muscle in my body is completely relaxed, except the two fingers gripping on to the rose. I let it go and gradually the thick water I'm sinking through becomes thinner, like i'm being pulled out the other end. Then all of a sudden I come out the end of this warped tunneling sensation and im falling through the sky.
I can see every bit of heavenly scenery below, clear as an Hawk.
The hard ground is racing towards me. The adrenaline has my blood pumping.
Im excited. I'm scared. Then my image of the grass below me starts warping into a white snowy field.
The snow is floating down beside me.
I fall through what feels like a kilometre of white bean bag balls and slowly come to a stop.
The miles of small balls on top of me are weightless, but I can feel their presence tickling every inch of my skin.
Im lying still, in the very depth of relaxation. A world of white. A blank canvas.
Swirls of colours start splashing in front of me.
I watch my imagination slowly begin to paint perfection.
Bright blue eyes, big red lips.
She holds my hand and its warm. 
Suddenly extravagant scenery starts creeping out from below us.
Traveling outwards and upwards, inch by inch, brushing over every little detail.
I fill my lungs with air. I can smell the green grass and bright flowers.
I can see the clouds racing past in the reflection of her eyes.
We both get up from the soft grass and walk off holding hands.
The urge, the need for her with me, is so strong.
She laughs and playfully pushes me back into the grass, which sends me dropping through clouds again.
I can see her smile tearing after me through the clouds.
I slow myself down and catch her.
We fall through heaven together.
Everything is perfect.
I am in control.

Well there's a chapter of my fantasy land.
Emotions are so much more intense in dreams.
The earth has such beautiful influences, but i wish to learn to feel and Imagine things beyond what I've ever seen and experienced. I want to be free.
I am a dreamer.
Im going to shut my eyes and awaken my soul.
Goodnight. Sleep tight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Loving hand.

Alive in my own perfect world.

Ok so I'm stealing this off Bonnie's blog.
But BOY I want to see this!
Except I need to read the book again first.
The Lovely Bones (teaser)


As cool as this is:
Albury Zombie Walk
It's just annoying that people don't organise things like this with a cause or awareness.
Like I know I havn't and if I did who knows what it'd be about etc.
But yeh. Sorry, just another post-thought from 'John Lennon Vs. US' documentary.
P.s that walks at 2pm. but i have work at 4pm so i don't think i'll make it lol...
Unless all my friends wanna go? xxx

Monday, October 26, 2009

She's got that Summer-vibe.

Megan Yonson is the cutest little mouse in the house.
I even thought she had her hair in mini mouse buns haha.
We need to hang out more after exams :)
EDIT: after writing this blog, i got inspiration/motivation to write a song.
So this is what i got half an hour later, had to stop/quickly record before work.
Megan rules :) (lyrics in "responses") - it's shit I know, i'll make it better soon but for now enjoy.


Generation XXX is outdated.
Generation WHY is evolving.
We are the new breeds.

X        X        X        X        X       X       X
Hate            Alcohol             Drugs           Slaughter         Religion         Harm        Negativity

Why Hate? Why Poison? Why Risk? Why slaughter? Why lie? Why hurt? Why sulk?
Nothing but love, in its purest human form, for ourselves and all other species.
W.H.Y- What Humans Yearn. 
(NOT: We Hate You.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

178,560 seconds later.

Yep so on friday Madison came down to see me and it was seriously so amazing seeing her.
I think i just kinda giggled like a little girl for the first hour.
I nearly broke my "rock-on" fingers when i went to give em to this dero and forgot the car window had been wound up. Ouch. Then we had amazing sex.
Went for a picnic out at Allan's Flat for something nice to do, it was hot and we parked on the edge of the cliff... The view was great ;)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Go vegetarian. It's the best thing you'll ever do.
I love you. Thankyou for reading my blogs.
Yes... YOU!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Project Green.

Or black?
Point is, I thought I'd be more "environmentally friendly" and make out with tree's and give them compliments and stuff.
In doing so, I've changed my background to black as it's alot more energy saving.
("Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year" says
In may last forever? It may last until tomorrow?



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bloggers! Correct your settings!

Tired of not knowing if someone commented your old blogs?
Sick of filling in captcha codes to comment friends?
Well blogger makes it secretly simple! 
Go to "DASHBOARD" aka 'home'. 
Click "SETTINGS"- then "COMMENTS" tab,
and change it to something like this:
Hope that answered your prayers.
God sent me.
He also said to tell you all Christianity is dumb and so is every other religion.
and he couldn't give a shit about you.

Why Santa kicks God's ass.

When I was in year two i remember having a discussion with Brendan, Megan and Ainslie; about if we believed in God or Santa.
I remember us all agreeing that "yep, Santa is real, God isn't".
Haha, my reasoning being my mum worked night duty and one time i snuck out before she got home and there were presents, I'm still curious to how she did that.
Anyway here goes!

Why Santa kicks God's ass:

1. The only punishment Santa delivers is a withholding of presents. Or coal... useful stuff, coal.
2. If you're not good enough, Santa gives you another chance next year.
3. Santa doesn't care if you believe in him, only if you're good or bad.
4. He rides a mother-fucking Sled!

Please explain:

Why did God sacrifice Himself to Himself so that He could correct a mistake He made Himself?
Plus when you think about it, crucifixion, there's worse way of dying, and good people have died worse ways.
Also, to the "God Hate Fags" sign holders:
If AID's is God's punishment for Anal sex...
Then is lung cancer God's punishment for smoking.
Like to see you out the front of a funeral holding signs "GOD HATES SMOKERS".
Fucking douchebags.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



(Refer to blog a couple of posts down!)
SEE! This is why i fucking love blogs and people that read mine and put their time into others.

Dive into the Unknown.

Ok so I had a dream the other day.
I for some reason draw a Ouija Board on my back.
and you guys were there around me... the board.
The spirits then possessed me and i got up, hissed...
while another spirit tried to gain control.
Mixed messages were coming through from different spirits and my eyes were black.
(I see myself in dreams from 3rd person.)

Point is: Wouldn’t mind trying it. anyone?
p.s this site rocks.
Also. After exams, i want to try set up an inter-dimensional portal. Research that shit.

If you want to read about my many amazing Ouija stories go to:
Thinkers Forum- Ouija

Double trouble.

Man i just thought how awful it would be to go out with an identical twin.
Seriously, i'd accidentally cheat so many times haha.
Man that'd be insane.
Ok I'm gonna give you a sweet circumstance.
Imagine if you were going out with one twin.
But you just had this great connection-vibe with the other twin.
You find out she likes you, and secretly you like her too...
But you're with her twin sister.
One day you're at her house and go to the toilet and when you come out she's on the couch.
You sneak up behind her and start kissing her violently, not noticing she's wearing different clothes all of a sudden.
Then your girlfriend walks in and you're making out with her sister who doesn't even realize what's going on.
Man, the complications.
What if the other twin you secretly loved was your soulmate?
How much would the family enjoy it if you broke up with one to go out with the other.
It's morally wrong but it was meant to be?
Solution: Just convince them both they have to share you. OH imagine the sex.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Night before first exam.
Not remotely stressed at all.
But here, I'm going to give you one simple sentence to describe belonging, rather than a monotonous essay.
Because that's what Philosophers like to do :)
(Im reading a book Laura Baldwin gave me on philosophy btw haha)

"Happiness is the emotion we attach to fond memories with others and the places they were, this attachment is the most powerful influence on shaping our sense of belonging."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ahh Google, You've done it again.

Ok so there was this song that i found on a video ages ago that i loved!
This is about three years ago. I got it stuck in my head the other day in the shower.
Typed what I though the lyrics were into google and BOOOM!
Drop to Zero, by TRUSTcompany.
Best fucking song ever.
But, there's another song I've wanted to find since year 6.
It was on a burnt disc of Grace Mallows one time when we took her to Canberra.
On the same Cd was songs like "Carry on, by MotorAce".
I can remember the main riff. Deneh noiw noiw noiw de de doiw de de doiw. haha
Lyrics in the verse, "it gets hard, it's gettin harder"
"I get the feeling i could leave you on the [interstate?],
I get the feeling that you just don't know,
I get the feeling that it doesn't matter anyway,
Something out of something [blue?/new?]
I tried google for about 20 mins but gave up :(
I'm tempted to contact Grace and see if she knows, but I remember when i used to ask she was clueless.
$10 reward and Gobbiez.

For what It's worth.

If my words are short and blunt. Take them for what they are.
A complex discreditation is always going to be there for a hater to undermine.
If my words are short, descriptive and somewhat unclear. Seek the subliminal truth.
Something ugly can sound beautiful. Take Susan Boyle for example .

I am who I am.

I am a writer with no pen.
I am a musician with no ears.
I am a lawyer with no case.
I am bird with no wings.
I am a fish with no gills.
I am a performer with no crowd.
I am a philosopher with no point.
I am a poet trying to rhyme orange.
I am a dreamer with insomnia.
I am a human surrounded by robots.
I am a lover in a world of hate.
I am a prisoner with only hope.
Everything I am and everything I'm not.
None of us are perfect, make do with what you got.

Impressions and Depressions.

I wish I could be so addictive, that there would be no need for nicotine.
Hatin' life.
Hmm. Might write a poem.
Here goes.

Once there was a man,
who was ugly as can be,
This man was so ugly,
He wished eyes could not see.
No-one liked poor Marlow,
they could not stand his sight.
So poor Marl was all alone,
Every day and every night.
Marlow became old, 
and sadder by the day.
Until he met a stranger,
that changed his very way.
This stranger wasn't frightened,
by his horrifying face.
For this stranger only wanted
a stick for him to chase.
So Marl bent down before the dog,
who gave a friendly lick,
and his smile was so wide
as he hurled the crooked stick.
To his surprise the dog came back,
the stick slobbered with pride.
And Marlow made a loyal friend,
who only looked inside.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Dog Nigel!

Arf! Arf! He goes, a merry sight.
Our little hairy friend.
Arf! Arf! Upon the lampost bright,
Arfing 'round the bend.
Nice dog! Goo boy!
Waggie tail and beg.
Clever Nigel, jump for joy!
Because we're putting you to sleep at three of the clock, Nigel.


You just pictured an elephant didn't you?
You still are!
All I want to say is:
You can't stop a thought from entering your mind, but you can prevent it from staying.

Instead of just reading this, RESPOND.

I wish everyone reacted to things... Like in the 60's.
Actually even better... I wish people would 'respond'.

Reactions are usually irrational, emotionally driven;
Whereas responses contain a little thinking.
To the smallest of things to the largest.

To a facebook-update/blog/drawing to strikes/petitions/political-activist.
What I'm trying to say is... 

Don't just "like" what someone's said or did... tell them in words/expressions etc.
Compliments are rare these days.

Where's our motivation, if no-one motivates us?
We're so fucking lazy.
The youth of today thinks others will do it.
It starts with you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cute songs about love.

A while ago during HSC Drama performance day, Bianca forced me to write a song with her with the Ukelele I was playing... and so we did.
Got half finished... Lyrics and Music so I finished them today :)
Will record Vocals tomorrow hopefully, only music so far.
Its far from perfect, just did it to help me figure out other instruments. \
Have a listen tell me what you think!


God is a concept, by which we can measure our pain.
I'll say it again...
God is a concept by which we can measure our pain.
I don't believe in magic,
I don't believe in I-ching,
I don't believe in bible,
I don't believe in tarot,
I don't believe in Hitler,
I don't believe in Jesus,
I don't believe in Kennedy,
I don't believe in Buddha,
I don't believe in mantra,
I don't believe in Gita,
I don't believe in yoga,
I don't believe in kings,
I don't believe in Elvis,
I don't believe in Zimmerman,
I don't believe in Beatles,
I just believe in me.

John Lennon you are amazing.
Rest in Peace.

What would Lennon do?

This blog goes out to a pleasant young lad who can be rather funny, easy to approach and an excellent kid to have on your side of an argument.
He made a blog you should probably follow him, but it'll take more than that to get to know the real him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bodily Imprisoned Pt 2.

Bodily Imprisoned pt 1 (link)
So I wrote a blog, Bodily Imprisoned.
Point is, my inspiration for it was this short story I wrote for my Trials.
I figured if I typed it up it'd help me remember it for the real exam next week :S
I have done ZERO study.

It was fascinating to see the world from his perspective.
This world is a cruel world.
Provides a lucky select few with the glorious sensation of living, while the rest of us are left waiting, spending our time pondering.
Pointlessly thinking, pointlessly fearing, pointlessly searching for answers in this cold world.
The crowded tram was rattling violently, my face was pressed up against the window.
Like everyday I watched the children buzzing out of the Private school on Selders street.
So much energy. Too much energy for this dreary afternoon. 
Routine should be a thing for robots, at least when they get run-down they can be fixed to keep on working through their monotonous existence. 
Poor kids don't know what they're in for.
I remember when I got suspended in Grade 3, I never really came back with any energy... motivation.
I went to St. Peters Catholic, a small school, strict as the hell they preach against.
Mostly a school for young Orphans like myself.
One of the Nuns was telling us about how great God was. It was something I could never quite understand how they expect us to worship a God that had done nothing but punish me since the moment I was born.
I spent most of my time as a baby and toddler in hospital due to severe asthma, and then when I was 6 my mum and dad were taking me to visit my Grandma who was ill in hospital when a truck swerved into us.
I was the only one who survived. I don't think I was meant to survive that day.
I wish I had of been able to escape this hell with them.
Anyway, as I was saying, this Nun was praising the lord when it just all hit me. This life. My future. My past.
I screamed at her to shut up. I screamed she was lying. There was no God. 
If there was, then he wasn't a very just God.
I said some words I knew i shouldn't have, and it was not taken too easy.
Stupid really. Those kids had nothing and no-one, and then they get told to replace their nothingness with "God", the man that supposedly caused all their heartache in the first place.
The tram stopped and people shuffled in and out each other, boy did I despise the city.
Lately i've been more anxious than usual. I can't sleep and when I finally do I wake up sweating.
It's this whole idea of killing myself.
Now I know it's not normal for me to wish I was dead. 
Doctor's told me this, but I haven't yet taken the pills he gave me.
I just feel like... my soul left with my parents, that I died that day, but my body was left to walk around miserably through each tedious day.
You know, Hypothetically, if I believed that Heaven and Hell existed, then I believe this Earth, this enslavement of our consciousness is hell.
There is no escape. Well actually I think there's one.
It's easy in theory, just hard to test.
The escape is death.
Death is the pathway from this hell to the afterlife, but it's a world of the unknown.
The unknown is feared. 
With death comes pain, pain is feared.
But you can't feel pain if your dead. Can you?
Pain and Fear are only two silver bars of my cell.
Then there's time.
Time is an illusion simply to fool the frail human brain that every second of this hells worth living and to make the most of it.
How do you make the most of it?
With happiness.
To be happy you need to feel worthy, you need to belong.
You need to work a job that makes you feel pointless to get money so you can belong to your pointless possessions to gain a synthetic sense of happiness.
You need friends and family.
You need to have motivation.
You need energy to laugh.
I have none of this.
So why waste my time stalling through this highway of hell?
This is my escape plan.
I die. I'm in control of my life now.
I can control my future.
Death is welcoming. 
My future of dreaded misery is saying his final words before it leaves.
I know there's more to death than rotting in the ground.
People are just so blinded by living, too trapped in this prison to realize.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm the type of guy

The odd testicle pop here and there i'm sorry, i just woke up as you can tell by my hair.
Cover of The Almost, Amazing Because it is. (Aaron Gillepsie)
Be much more amazing song if it weren't Christian but oh well :)

*I tried my best on the stupid high pitch bits haha its hard sitting down!
I made an Mp3 version of this and made each track levels of guitar and vocals a heap better... i MAY post it to eventually.

CHECK OUT:   Journeys new song :)   Click him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blessed and Obsessed.

One things for sure... My girlfriend is hotter than yours/you.
I'm just gonna put that out there.
No but seriously she's amazing.
She so un-self-centered and caring.
Except now she's laughing at my face so i think im gonna change my direction. Actually I just hang up. That'll teach her.
Madison you are the most perfect, adorably cute girl that I could ever ask for. I know people get sick and tired of hearing about you and I'm sorry. I wish you lived with me all the time, I actually go a little insane lately without you.
You are also so freakin' babe i often can't handle it and hyperventilate into a coke bottle because I'm tough?
She always looks really angry in her photo's but I promise you she's super cute and giggly in real life.
Im so comfortable.
Im so in love :)
I am so lucky to have perfection stare me in the face.
I love you Madison.

Fuck I look creepy, "I GOT MADI TO MY LEFT AND MADI TO MY RIGHT!..."

Gootar is foon.

Lol best of a 3 terrible takes, was gonna make it better but got interrupted.
Screensaver kicked in and caused it to stop towards the end but thats ok, you'll hear it properly recorded hopefully asap.
Lyrics in "responses" check it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am an Aural learner.

So on the weekend I had to go down to melbourne to do my bronze license for swim coaching (I already have my green license). Anyway i was dreading it because of how sick I've been and I knew I HAD to go because my Job option next year depends on it and I'd already paid $400 for it!
First day was crap.
Second day however we had a Psychology session, it was amazing!
It was so intriguing picking the human brain, it's intensions and how to respond.
We also did a section on goal setting.
Motivation IS a goal, basically the two can't be separated and she told us that the most critical two aspects of achieving goals is rarely done.
That is:
1. Write your goal (and process to get there) down.
2. Have it visible everyday.
There was a lot more depth to it but that for me was the key, so I'm going to apply it.
Publicly? I don't know, I'm embarrassed by my goals which is stupid, I think it's just fear of disapproval and doubt.
Also we learnt how to cater for all 4 learning techniques kids may have.
Visual, Aural, Reading, Kinesthetic. In other words;
Seeing, Hearing, reading, doing.
I didn't know which one I was though, so she told me to do an online VARK test, and my result was
AURAL by a mile, and as I was doing the test it all made so much sense!
Too bad I'm deaf.
But yeh here was my "how to get the most out of study techniques" and a smart ass, way-too-true sentence down the bottom.

Aural Study Strategies

If you have a strong preference for learning by Aural methods (A = hearing) you should use some or all of the following:
To take in the information:
  • attend classes
  • attend discussions and tutorials
  • discuss topics with others
  • discuss topics with your teachers
  • explain new ideas to other people
  • use a tape recorder
  • remember the interesting examples, stories, jokes...
  • describe the overheads, pictures and other visuals to somebody who was not there
  • leave spaces in your notes for later recall and 'filling'
SWOT - Study without tears
To make a learnable package:
Convert your "notes" into a learnable package by reducing them (3:1)
  • Your notes may be poor because you prefer to listen. You will need to expand your notes by talking with others and collecting notes from the textbook.
  • Put your summarised notes onto tapes and listen to them.
  • Ask others to 'hear' your understanding of a topic.
  • Read your summarised notes aloud.
  • Explain your notes to another 'aural' person.
To perform well in any test, assignment or examination:
  • Imagine talking with the examiner.
  • Listen to your voices and write them down.
  • Spend time in quiet places recalling the ideas.
  • Practice writing answers to old exam questions.
  • Speak your answers aloud or inside your head.
You prefer to have this page explained to you.
The written words are not as valuable as those you hear.
You will probably go and tell somebody about this.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Inglorious Species.

So between 'The sound of Music', 'Inglorious Bastards' and 'The boy in Striped Pyjamas'  
(which i just finished watching an hour ago), I would just like to say:  


You can all see how this is wrong now can't you?
Well one day mankind will look upon the slaughter of animals like we look upon the slaughter of Jew's.

Sorry what?

I slept for four hours this evening and now i can't sleep, it's 3:42 and all I can do is Blog.
I've got 4 in mind. Here's the second load of crap i need to get off my chest, or my mind rather.
So I've been living for a while now... and this whole while I've never quite been able to hear.
I wear hearing-aids and without them I'm deaf as a chair. I didn't wear them from year 2 till year 9 because I used to get teased, then my dreadlocks were that long come year 9 that I figured no-one would see them anyway.
Point is, my Aunty didn't know I was deaf until 3 days ago.
She's got MS so next time I see her I'm going to ask so how did you break your neck again? and act shocked when she says it's MS.
This might seem cruel for people reading this. Well fuck off :) You don't know me.
Speaking of MS I've got to find out that website I saw on Madison's fridge,
it was about a cure for MS they are testing with stem cell research, I'm sure she'd appreciate it... Crazy bitch used to be the president of Australian Sky diving.
Stupid Kitty Ruby is pestering me.

God is dead.

Is it just me?
Or has every person that you've ever heard preach Christianity, told you that they "Found God" when they were at their lowest point in life, addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Well, when "AUSLIFE" came to our school each year, every group leader X-tian douche, Male or Female had the same sodding story.
Well have you ever thought that maybe your brain got so fucked up during your downfall that its led you to believe the voices in your head are from God?
Well I do. Until i meet someone who can say they made the switch from normality, and it WASN'T because of a brainwashed upbringing, Drugs and Alcohol abuse or because the band you Idolize is a pack of these born-agains telling you how great Jesus is, then I don't see anyone's reasoning for believing in such bullshit.

On the topic of AUSLIFE, those who don't know what it is, it's a group of volunteers from local churches that are "cool and hip" and come get you out of school for a great day of fun and activities filled with learning. Yep it's all fun and games and then right at the end when you start to think...
You know, Christianity ain't so bad, they strike you with a great deal of preaching and guilt and explanations.
But they can never answer my questions.
I always seem to stump them short-tongued.
If God wanted me to become a Christian, don't you think he'd be able to persuade me?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fired up.

Every smoker is a try-hard.
The only reason they ever started is because "smoking is fucking cool".
I mean what's not cool about fire and breathing out smoke?
Probably the fact you expose your lungs and mouth to the horrible gases and chemicals
that also cause yellow teeth and all that bullshit, but an addiction to an expensive ticket allowing you to skate over the thin ice of cancer.
Mind you you'll regret ever trying to fit in, or occupy your boredom when you're suffering under the effects of Chemo.
Ask a cancer patient on their death-bed if you should take a chance with cancer, do you think they'd want you to risk suffering what they've been through?
Do you ever stop mid-drag to think of the torture you might put loved ones through?
I love how every smoker is in denial of their addiction.
"I could quit if i wanted... easy. I just don't want to."
Well thats because it's not just physical, it's mental.
You need a smoke to relieve stress, when you wouldn't be stressed in the first place if you didn't smoke.
As a kid, I could never quite understand why they just didn't put a ban on smoking.
My mum always replied "Because many people would lose their jobs."
Fucking consumerism.
But i always hoped they would all lose their jobs regardless in 10 years time because people would wake up to themselves and quit.
One more pet hate: When you see people standing out the front of  Center-link, with a smoke wedged between each and every finger.

Don't let smoking take away anymore aspects of your life.

Monday, October 5, 2009


I like your Christ, just not your Christians, in this case your priests.
Forgive me father for I'm a fucking cunt?
What ever happened to "Forgive those who trespass against us"?
Watch this video! If this is the type of people running this shit...
Priest Vs Skaters

To be honest I'm not even going to throw in my opinions,
Our wavelengths can't be too far apart.
However, check my " LINK BE POSTED ASAP"... I posted a Christianity debate i just had on facebook.(It's a big read sorry)

Bold Statement.

I have come to accept that nothing actually exists.
That our subconcience mind is merely creating
what i know to be reality... present, doesn't exist anymore.
Everything is finished and our brains are still slaved to a pointless value of time.
All i know is I exist in some form.
Im the main character in my game... vaguely aware of my controller.
I've been aided with a false sense of choice and freedom,
And weighed down with emotions, opinions and other distractions.
None of us will ever win, and by the looks of our map...
No-one ever will.
Humans have lost touch of their spirits.
Start thinking ahead, we will rot in this third dimension.
We aren't Gods. We're an experiment.
They don't care for us, just like we don't care for animals.
Escape isn't easy, I believe it's Death.
You're entitled to your beliefs, but i believe fear of death,
Fear of the the unknown, the afterlife...
Is another anchor placed upon our consciousness.
Regardless who holds the controls,
You're all props to pave my destiny.
Ive given up on finding myself a categorisation. A genre.
There's 6,706,993,152 people and 4,200 Religions, and of that 10 major Religions.
Why do we need to classify ourselves into someone else's beliefs? Be creative.
Im making my own. You're not welcome to join.
Thats the point... get it?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anywhere but here.

I hope Edwina realizes how lucky she is to be able to escape this monotonous living.
I wish I was in Tokyo.

I remember when I was in year 6 and I thought of a great plan to get rich.
It simply consisted of moving to Dubai, which is the richest country in the world, because of Oil.
Isn't it amazing. I love the man-made river below the monorails. Trump Hotel.

(Click on the picture, the big version is amazing.)

Fuck up day.

I hope the two buses collide and you all die.