Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fired up.

Every smoker is a try-hard.
The only reason they ever started is because "smoking is fucking cool".
I mean what's not cool about fire and breathing out smoke?
Probably the fact you expose your lungs and mouth to the horrible gases and chemicals
that also cause yellow teeth and all that bullshit, but an addiction to an expensive ticket allowing you to skate over the thin ice of cancer.
Mind you you'll regret ever trying to fit in, or occupy your boredom when you're suffering under the effects of Chemo.
Ask a cancer patient on their death-bed if you should take a chance with cancer, do you think they'd want you to risk suffering what they've been through?
Do you ever stop mid-drag to think of the torture you might put loved ones through?
I love how every smoker is in denial of their addiction.
"I could quit if i wanted... easy. I just don't want to."
Well thats because it's not just physical, it's mental.
You need a smoke to relieve stress, when you wouldn't be stressed in the first place if you didn't smoke.
As a kid, I could never quite understand why they just didn't put a ban on smoking.
My mum always replied "Because many people would lose their jobs."
Fucking consumerism.
But i always hoped they would all lose their jobs regardless in 10 years time because people would wake up to themselves and quit.
One more pet hate: When you see people standing out the front of  Center-link, with a smoke wedged between each and every finger.

Don't let smoking take away anymore aspects of your life.



couldnt have said it better. fuck smoking! and fuck you if your dumb enought to think its cool!

steffybee said...

Actually completely agree with this.
smoking is probably the most selfish thing ive ever done in my entire life.
i placed smoking above everyone in my life, id get annoyed at my parents when they yelled at me for smoking, lost my boyfriend of 15 months because i lied to him about smoking, lost my best friend because i thought it was just easier to attend her grandfather's funeral who died of lung cancer and then let go of her when she told me it was smoking or her.

quitting definitely wasnt the easiest thing ive ever done, as a 16 year old i was smoking a pack a day.
and honestly i do slip up every now and then, and over the past month ive had one here or there, but i consider letting go of cigarettes and not people to be the best thing ive ever done.

ive had 3 very close friends diagnosed with cancer recently and i dont want to do that to anyone that has enough goodness in their heart to actually love me

juddLOCKS said...

Wow that's awesome I love you Steph :) see you soon hopefully!

lorien said...

My 16year old brother smokes, and my smoker mum PAYS for the cigs!!!!How dumb?! I totally agree with you... Ive tried smoking, and I just do not understand why people would pick up a ciggarette a second time!! Nice blog... Very "interesting" - COnsidering I only read beauty blogs.. Ps your gfs hot!

juddLOCKS said...

Aww well im glad your sensible... and isnt she just!