Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Awaken to Fantasy.

Dreaming is an art overlooked.
Honestly if we learnt to become better dreamers, to control every image, every emotion and urge exactly how we fantasize, then mark my words... Life would become a matrix.
Have you ever had a really good dream? So good you get furious when someone wakes you up?
But people will read this and say... why would you want to sleep all your life?
Well to you I say, why do you want to live in a world with limitations and restrictions all your life?
In my dreams I can kick off the ground and fly, it feels as real as I could ever imagine.
In life I get really hurt because of gravity.
My dreams have unlimited potential, and here I am avoiding going to sleep!
I really want to try hard to visualize exactly what perfect might be, this perfect fantasy will only ever have a chance of occurring in my dreams.
I want you to really involve yourself in this, let your imagination run wild:

In fantasy-land, the landscape around me is always brightly intense. Breath-taking.
More than picture perfect, I stand within the frame, perfect light and shadowing.
The skies are on fire at sunset, tones of pink, orange and purple.
The clouds whisper like fairy floss, as they fly past like waves.
The grass is ultra green, just perfect, scruffy and soft.
I can control the breeze, my temperature, my surroundings and gravity.
I am lighter than the air itself.
My surroundings twirl around me, hypnotizing me as they change from grassy fields, to bright blue beaches with purple tinted mountains in the distance.
Not a care in the world here. I am at peace in a world of harmony. Perfection.
I soar through the long grassy fields with superb, sharp surroundings, I start to become one with everything around me. 
I can control everything. 
The tree's race through the seasons, like pages turning in the wind.
Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter.
The birds creating melody amoungst  the calm, yet intense, cinematic music.
The colours are enriched with a glow from within them. 
The flowers float through the breeze and I jump in slow motion, controlling every part of my body with incredible balance, towards the bright red rose.
When I catch it everything around me becomes a blur.
Im weightless, underwater. Slowly sinking. Everything becomes clear as crystals when I realise where I am. There is no need for oxygen. Every muscle in my body is completely relaxed, except the two fingers gripping on to the rose. I let it go and gradually the thick water I'm sinking through becomes thinner, like i'm being pulled out the other end. Then all of a sudden I come out the end of this warped tunneling sensation and im falling through the sky.
I can see every bit of heavenly scenery below, clear as an Hawk.
The hard ground is racing towards me. The adrenaline has my blood pumping.
Im excited. I'm scared. Then my image of the grass below me starts warping into a white snowy field.
The snow is floating down beside me.
I fall through what feels like a kilometre of white bean bag balls and slowly come to a stop.
The miles of small balls on top of me are weightless, but I can feel their presence tickling every inch of my skin.
Im lying still, in the very depth of relaxation. A world of white. A blank canvas.
Swirls of colours start splashing in front of me.
I watch my imagination slowly begin to paint perfection.
Bright blue eyes, big red lips.
She holds my hand and its warm. 
Suddenly extravagant scenery starts creeping out from below us.
Traveling outwards and upwards, inch by inch, brushing over every little detail.
I fill my lungs with air. I can smell the green grass and bright flowers.
I can see the clouds racing past in the reflection of her eyes.
We both get up from the soft grass and walk off holding hands.
The urge, the need for her with me, is so strong.
She laughs and playfully pushes me back into the grass, which sends me dropping through clouds again.
I can see her smile tearing after me through the clouds.
I slow myself down and catch her.
We fall through heaven together.
Everything is perfect.
I am in control.

Well there's a chapter of my fantasy land.
Emotions are so much more intense in dreams.
The earth has such beautiful influences, but i wish to learn to feel and Imagine things beyond what I've ever seen and experienced. I want to be free.
I am a dreamer.
Im going to shut my eyes and awaken my soul.
Goodnight. Sleep tight.


M∆DISON† said...

This is so beautiful your writing is extraordinary.

elynor said...

as i was making porridge this morning, i was thinking about your ouija dream, i dont know why i but i was.
i dont know where this is going but i just find it weird that i come on here and you've written another dream blog.

cool story hansel.

juddLOCKS said...

yeh i know the feeling you have haha weird :)
We're all one consciousness of energy, we're all connected :)

Gee. said...

wow judd. your writing is so beautiful and amazing, i agree, people need to become better dreamers. people waste their lives living to the expectations of reality, its too restricting. great blog (Y)