Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Day.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.
So last week today I had a really bad day.
Worst ever really. Nothing went right.
Started off with my 4am goodnight and my 7am alarm.
Then work. Sunburn.
After work I searched everywhere for my keys, thought I'd lost them.
Found them finally in my car. Locked.
Had no shoes and I was on hot midday concrete and was 40 odd degrees.
Found a coathanger, finally broke in.
You guessed it! Car wouldn't start.
Must of left the battery running.
Had to wait for my mum to bring jumper leads.
Thought I'd go get a slushie from Maccas.
Out of order. So I unwillingly get a coke. My kidneys decide to burn to the point where I had to lie down in agony (went to doctors about it, something about glandular fever and coke being shit.)
Finally get home, didn't even get to see Madison while she was in Albury.
Then everyone came over to my house and was like come to the weir!
So along with Stefan, Rhys, Kate, G, Tiarnni, Edwina, Jimi, Tayla I went.
On the drive out I deemed it necessary for me to hang as far as I could out the window, or convince everyone that with a bit of flapping we could fly.
Turns out an undercover cop car was behind us. *_*.
Stefan was loosing his license in two days as it was, and was still paying off another fine...
Add another $250 and three demerit points to that... Good going Judd!
I'm so sorry Stefan :( We agreed we'd share the fine, I paid the majority willingly.
The worst part was I just paid off a speeding ticket for $230 that day.
The mood at the weir was low.
I thought my luck was turning when I found a chair. I ran off with it and turns out of was broken.
I threw it and it cut my hand. So I gave up on life that day. The silver lining we're still unsure of.

Welcome to the present, you will be your host.

Imagine how amazing life would be if everyone lived in the present.
We would see emotions stop controlling life.
No grudges, no judgements from the past.
It's sad how things in the past impacts our present, fills our heads with constant thoughts leading then into the future.
We rarely find ourselves living life without a care in the world of what might happen because of this action.
We worry, we stress, we regret, we plan, we wish, we dream but barely do we live.
Live for each moment, each second.
Live life as it comes.
There is no freedom in being tied down to the past or the future.
The past is over. What's done is done.
The future doesn't exist.
The presence is happening right now.
Be happy you're alive.
Be happy you can change the future rather than wishing you could change the past.
Set an example by which others will follow by.
Lets bring this world back to life.
Let go of your harsh judgements of peoples past and judge them fresh on only the present.
If everyone could all do the same there would be alot more love going around.
Life gives you a fresh start every second, make every one count.
Time doesn't wait for anyone.
Why should you wait for time?
There is no better time than now.
Now go! Be nice, be happy, do something constructive, patch up a lost friendship, tell someone you're sorry, you love them; no point stressing over something you're not going to do anything about.
Oh and remember... Peace and love start with a smile.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

you thought i sent you one of these before because i said your christmas tree looked pretty. silly judd :) but this is me now. hahha

Haha *peeks out window* iiiiiiiii seeee yoouuuu!
Love thy neighbour.

are you and madison back together yet?

No we are not sorry haha

matchmaker has run out of questions

You just need to find inspriation from within.

How many instruments do you play? Were you trained in any of them, or did you just pick them up?

Good question :):)
well in year 8 I bought a 60 dollar acoustic and figured out all the basic riffs of Hayden who had also just started playing but was already a desk of nature on it, I bought an electric soon after and got lessons for about 3 terms but I never really learnt much at lessons compared to what I did on my own so I stopped lessons.
I was obsessed with guitar and in year 9/10 I was at my peak haha but that was the same time my first band *hangs head* in other words came along. I originally played guitar and sang (not that I had ever sang before lol or screamed, but I had practises in the car blasting music like killswitch haha)
then we wanted Ryan in the band as he was such our close friend I let him play guitar and just did vocals.
Pretty much ceased to play guitar after that and concentrated far more on vocals.
Only really started to play guitar again about half a year ago because I had to practise for HSC music, in the end however I didn't end up playing guitar at all haha.
I bought drums in year 10 too and did a term of lessons.
I bought a keyboard towards the end of IOW and figured out some riffs on my own, of my own... Played live too lol.
Started figuring out keys alot more with ChelseaWJ as mark showed me alot. Also recording acoustic songs in the past 6 months I've figured out alot of keys.
Bought a piano about 3 months ago and am slowly getting better. I should have lessons but I cbf'd lol.
Madison bought me a Ukulele about 4 months ago and I pretty much learnt that in a week as it's similar to guitar.
Also borrowed her violin to try teach myself, way too hard haha so I gave up shamefully... I struggle with no frets.
Bass is easy as hell and I play electric guitar again now for HEX.
So yeah.
In year 7 I failed music. I didn't think I had one musical cell in my body. Fucking recorder. I got lowest in my class for that prac test. My teacher was very surprised to see me so keen on guitar a year later.

Ask me anything.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The one Woody and I started writing about 2 months ago, I finally thought I'd finish it.
It's kind of like an acoustic dance song... May well add beats and Keyboard to it later, but for now it's just acoustic love.

This saturday nights gonna go down like Dooo Dah doo dah doo do doooo
Me and all my friends are gonna hit the town and party like 2012.
Come hang with us, we can dance in to the night.
Come hang with us, You'll find me under the spotlight.
Maybe you'll find me there.
Dance with me Girl, dance with me girl.
Cuz your so damn hot.
Dance with me Girl, dance with me girl.
Lets just move our feet to the beat and see where this could go. oh oh oh.
We'll sit back and we'll let the music take control of our minds.
Girl you blow my mind.
A girl like you is so hard to find.
Girl you blow my mind!
Dance with me Girl, dance with me girl.
Cuz your so damn hot.
Dance with me Girl, dance with me girl.
Lets just move our feet to the beat and see where this could go. oh oh oh.
You and I will spend the rest of our night having the best time of our lives.

The Lockdown.

Today Hayden came up and I recorded a song for him :)
Dallas "City and Colour" Green's, Day Old Hate... Cover.
Did it in about an hour.
Check it!
Also, very exciting stuff!
We've decided to combine our solo projects into one amazing piece of awesomeness!
So pumped! He is the best guitarist/songwriter in the world I swear.
So we're going to get cracking at learning eachothers songs and adding and getting set list/gig ready.
Expect a heap of recordings of both Hayden and mine in the next week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Apple of my Eye.

A new song I've been working on the past week, got it recorded today.
Please check it out! 
I finally got around to figuring out how to use Garage Band.
Used both Reaper and Garage band, a guitar, a keyboard and a dynamic mic.
The quality is pretty dang insane but! For such dodge equip. I'm happy with my effort.

Buried Alive:
I have a box that hides in my room.
It holds dead love, just like a tomb.
With every line, From finish to start,
Good and bad, They're all close to heart.
This time I read, and cried and cried.
All I wanted was you by my side.
Because this love, had far from died.
I have a box that hides in my room.
It holds dead love, just like a tomb.
It's nothing special, just an old shoe box.
Filled with love notes and memories,
and even my dreadlocks.
Sometimes I open it, and read what's inside,
Most of the time, the lust has long died.
But this time I read, what still wasn't dead.
Its not that you lied when you said forever,
Just we barely tried to keep things together.
But You're still alive.
You're the apple of my eye.
You're the fire lit inside.
You're buried there alive.
I have place deep inside my mind.
Thats held onto you all this time.
It cant be thrown out or hidden in a box.
It can't be forgotten and it hurts my head lots.
Lately my memory has been haunting me.
I can't get to sleep because you're all that I see.
I need to do something. Give it one last shot.
My love for you is all that I got.
Its not that you lied when you said forever,
Just we barely tried to keep things together.
But You're still alive.
You're the apple of my eye.
You're the fire lit inside.
You're buried there alive.
Now you've gone.
Forgot you existed.
Your ghost jumped out of the box and insisted that...
You are still alive.
You're the apple of my eye.
You're the fire lit inside.
You're buried there alive.
You are still alive.
You're the fire lit inside.
You're buried there alive.
And while there's still a chance.
I'll dig you out alive,
Before its too late.  

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Murky Beach.

Went to the weir yesterday because Pom was being an excited little cutie, so Edwina and I drove out.

More photo's on my facebook ;)
I love that little pup.
Then later that night I ended up going back out for another naked session.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've been too busy living to have time to put my mind to use, let alone type a blog up.
I'm sorry, I'll get back to it as son as I can, possibly this weekend.
Here's a quick update...
I am so sleep deprived.
Last night I went to Wang with ma main man J, visited many people and had fun.
Slept in Stella's bed with Jaxon, Bonnie and Stella, can't say amoungst all the group sex we got much sleep.
Overall, felt like a mid-week, week-end.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grace and Juliet

How freaking good are these vegan babes?!
Check out there myspace ok!

The Idea.

Today I was awoken from an amazing dream featuring Christopher Drew, feeling great, when I get a text from Jesse from Iexplodelike asking if I could organize a gig in albury for them.
It re-awoke my dream from a while ago I had completely forgotten about.
I want to open a place in albury that has shows maybe every sunday and gets alot of rad bands to play.
People would have to pay an entry fee.
It would sort of be like a place for the kids run by kids.
Retro has lacked alot lately, and everyone's sick of the venue and security and the way it's run and has to be run by governing officials.
I'm not sure as to where we could hold this yet, the costs, the rules if any... I think we could all run under the rule of "respect".
There are so many bands that want to play in albury it's not funny.
We have quite the reputation and more importantly, how many people want to see more Bands play in Albury?
Anyway, I'm going to try make this dream come true, do it the most cost effective way, maybe have a group of friends help me.
I think another rule would be, local bands do not get paid.
I think it's wrong for bands to expect money, it should be about the music especially when starting off.
That's my rough idea.
I'll keep you all updated.
Feel free to help.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Just found out I have to work all weekend.
Just great.
Think of the money I guess.

No time to blog.

So quickly... sorry about the below emo blog haha.
Umm, been in wang the past 2 days.
Gig was sick.
Day was hot.
My shoulders hurt from to many party pushups... and probably pittttin' marrrt.
Uh.... Yeah, that'll do.
I need to have a blog sesh asap.
Got a few idea's.
Catch :)

Oh. I've fallen in love with formspring, not going to lie.
SUCH a hippocrite, but you'll never know til you try.
Hmm maybe I should try drugs?
Haha jokes.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The letter D is evil.

Fuck ever getting a tattoo of something like "live life with no regrets".
For one, I'd regret that, and two lately I regret being born.
Also, Paul McCartney... I get it.
Now leave.

I am... how you say... "lovin it".

Argh! There's been this dry skin scab like thing i've been feeling on my back for the past month and it wasn't til today when I was in Henty for a swim meet that the kids were like... whats that on your back!?
So when I got home I tried taking a picture of him as I don't have the neck skills of an owl.
That's me haha fuck I'm a cooldude. >>>
You can barely even see the mark, so I went in for an action shot!
Haha defs got AIDs.
That'll teach me for getting someone to shoot my back and fuck my bullet wound.
I didn't make that up, my minds not that sick.
It was some movie called "dead girl" or something.
Mark and Stella were trying to explain it to me.
Point is... I have either a sick bite.
Or a rat bitch ringworm.
If it is a worm... I'm going to name him Ronald.
If it's a girl... Raspberry.
Oh and also... tonight at Henty.
I had to swim a race just so I could qualify for this thing later in the year... I dont want to swim but the club uses me.
BUT. I broke a record! In the 100 back. 1:09:something.
And just missed the 100freestyle record, did a 59. Nb Judd.
Then I came home.
Went to Maddi's farewell party.
Went nuts.
Still going nuts... but quietly on my own.
Should probs go to bed.
Wangaratta gig tomo.
Peace-out kitten litter.

Possibly the best day.

Of my life.
Edit: It was the day Madison got back from Qld. No wonder I was so happy haha.
Good thing I captured it all on video haha.
I love these people :)

Good thing Oreo's are Vegan ;)

(What I was trying to copy >>> )
Hope you enjoyed as much as I did re-watching all this haha


I never showed you guys the shirt I made a while ago. Well here it is: :)
Please do ignore my ugly face.
Instead focus on my floppy rabbit ear fingers.

Thanks for coming.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internets Anonymous.

Hello. My name is Judd... and I'm addicted to the internet.
I cannot help but to scan through my favourite social websites and refresh three times per second.

This is becoming a huge problem in society.
People everywhere crave others tick of approval, comment of satisfaction, "truthful" abuse.
If you're not involved in such networks then you're just not "cool" and "4W350M3".
Plans and invitations and goss get sent out and passed around over sites like facebook etc.
If you're still using you're Bebo acount from 1999 then you just ain't cuttin' it.
People have to conform to all these sites to keep up.
Keep up cyber-ly, so at the rare occasion they actually converse in real life, they have something to talk about, something to bitch about, so they know.
It's all about knowing.
The thing is half the time no one knows anything.
So what people tell you,
what they claim they've experienced
and how the person 'really' is... is bullshit.
People know nothing first hand anymore because all they experience a computer screen.
People are lazy, they would rather watch an online video of a gig than actually be there.
Rather than respect the performer and clap like they would in real life,
people now feel it's their duty to be a world class critique.
Back to my original self-observation... I'm addicted to the internet, computer/iPhone it doesn't matter.
Lets see if you are shall we?

In the morning:
- Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go to school/work?
-Wake up, stumble out of bed and start checking if anythings changed while you slept? New comments etc? Realising before you know it you're 5 minutes late and havn't cleaned your teeth still.

Do you have more friends:
- Real life?
- Online?

Do you have a webpage?
- Is that like a pet spider?
- Yes I have 10 different pages, I even made a myspace for my pet spider!

Yeah, if you've bothered to read this blog post is enough to certify your addiction.
What should we do?
Hmm... Well, I for one am sick of having 10 different sites.
Can someone please make a site that satisfies everyone?
That has every good aspect of Myspace, Facebook, Truthbox, Blog-sites, Music, Forums, Msn, Formspring, Flickr, Twitter etc?
At least then after everyone migrates we won't have 20 different bookmarks to check.
But I think the real solution is, go outside.
If you fail to do that, without staring at your iPhone, then seek help.
So from now on... I'm going to start a three time refresh limit for myself.
If I refresh a site 3 times and nothing, then I have to leave the computer and go do something more constructive.


The thing I love most about music is the way music can connect with people.
No matter what situation you're in or what mood you're in, there's always a song out there to match the way you're feeling.
Everytime I've ever felt intense emotion watching a film, is when the soundtrack has pushed emotion into it.
It can make you feel content and peaceful, scared and on edge, mournful, angry and pumped or cry with happiness.
My eyes had to hold back tears as my throat got hot watching the biggest losers visit their families after losing weight.
I felt nothing for them, I didn't know them, but the music bought up all this rejoycful sadness in me.
Music manipulates and intensifies emotions.
It can remind us we're living.
Make us realise.
Make us feel.
Make us love.
Make us remember.
Make us human.
Maybe that's why I don't like music that's so industrially and mechanically produced.
Lyrics aren't written by the "artists" nor the music half the time.
If an artist/musician cannot connect to a song, then how can anyone?!
Sadly most radio songs lack any emotion.
Or the lyrics don't suit the music.
All it makes me feel is anger.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday Edwina :)

I still remember the day you were born. I was so excited and never left your side.
Point is... you're pretty damn rad. Could've sworn you were only 14 this year.


 I was scanning through old photo's and I'm thinking I might re-hit the bowl-cut.

Again! Again!

So last night I had a car filled with people rock up to my house, as always, and they wanted to go to the Weir again. I invited my sister and Tayla to come along also.
Got to the weir and Alex had disappeared as she ended up not being allowed to come!
It was dark and extremely windy so the water had waves more like Hawaii surf.

Swam for a while, didn't get naked this time as my little sister was there haha, and then left.
Came back and got made to do a Ouija board.
This session just pissed me off for some reason.
I think I need to find something more intense.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night went down to the weir with a heap of people.
It was the best fun!
Rocked up at the 9pm sunset with my guitar.
Ended up getting in with everyone and it was so warm!
Got naked almost immediately haha and I never looked back.
Got about half of the 20 down there naked with help from Tianni.
We swam until 1am and made a tiny campfire,
even though it was a catastrophic fire ban :s whoops.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Born with Vendetta.


Picked Alex up drove to Wang, picked Mark and Stella up, and picked Ben TWOM3Y up.
Drove to melbourne.
Arrived at my grans.
Went out to the city.
Crown Casino.
Mark getting his drink on!
Laughed lots at Twomey and Mark giggle like girls.

Stuffed faces with Lord of the Fries 100% veg burgers/nuggets/chips. Drove home and slept.

Woke up too early.
Farewelled Grandparents.
Went back down the city but nothing opened until 11am.
Lord of the Fries brunch.
Ran into Sean Webb, and then Luis and Hannah.
Dangerfield. Bought some fly sunglasses.
Retro star.
Drove to Geelong.
Met up with Kate and Sean who we told to come also.
Gurgled over the Bride's  presence.
They remembered, knew and loved me :D
Mark too :)
We went for a stroll with the ever so handsome Michael Brierley.
He accepted my juice.
Apple Juice haha as his throat was sore.
He is one of my few Heroes, biggest influence screaming wise.
The pictures make him look like a metal-kent, but in actual fact he has long luscious hair, sexy facial, gigantic lobes.
Mega babe, back me up someone?
Then we watched them play. *HEAVEN*
I owned that pit. The mic too.
Mark aswell :)
And Alex and Ben too haha
Enjoyed kicking and punching a heap of scene idiots.
Opened "Every fights a food fight" for Brierley.
I swear I had the mic more than him haha.
Oh and when I give him mic gobbiez he likes to caress my hair.
Found these photo's just then from a boy named Phillip. (Flickr link)
But seriously...
The Bride have been my favourite band for 3 years now,
I've seem them 3 times, played with them once,
and I feel like a silly little school girl hanging out with them in their tour bus haha.
Oh and I bought Nelsons side project CD haha was good to finally meet that sexy asian.
Then walked down to beach and I ran back 2km uphill back to the car so I could drive everyone back, and I forgot the keys!
Watched the remaining bands.
Said farewell to my beloved boyfriend Brierley and co.
Went down to the beach with the original crew.
Saw a guy smoking a bong, publicly casually slurping on the beach sidewalk.

The rest is a picture book for ya'll.
Click pics for big size :)

City Slickers.

Twomey's one sided car window tan.

New Sunglasses, they're oily tie-dye.
Mark and Stella are beautiful.


Barani-to-be. Nb iPhone camera.
(After this I lauched myself and went head first and got winded :( haha.)

Minus Stella.

We also took a photo in a photobooth... I'll get Stelaphant to scan it for me. Overall, best weekend in ages!

I killed the scene queen!

Is what I will say when I reach 100 followers before stfu;MADISON.



Un-follow Madison!
She's a cheat!

(You can re-follow her after I win the the race of the century)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Although I write these blogs for myself, it has come to my attention that alot of people actually must read what I've got to say.
Firstly, thankyou so much for giving up your time to read my blog, I love you.
Secondly, since I seem to have an audience, I just thought I might ask...
"Why do you read my blogs?"
Is it because you hate them? Love them? Enjoy reading comments? Etc.
Please do tell me.
Also I made a Poll >>>
I'm not going to change my blogs accordingly to suit peoples preference, but I guess it's always good to know why people read it and what they like reading.
Much love everyone :)

Oh and if you have any complaints about the layout, have trouble reading the white text, want to see more/less pictures/words, tell me please, any feedback in general.

Lessons learned.

I'm such a fucking idiot.
I apologize to everyone for my idiocrasy.
I promise to be a better person.
Starting now.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chasing Chelsea

We will not be playing the Wang gig unfortunately hopefully.
EP will hopefully be finished within the next two months.
I need to start getting us some gigs.
We're not dead.
Just resting.
This is our year.

Slappppin' daaa BASS!

Ok, so I just finished with the rap song from the other night.

Please DO NOT listen to it unless you've got your sound system bangin'.
No crappy laptop speakers please.
Yes it is a joke, a serious one.

Jeremy- Phat Beats/Synth/Chants
Judd- Vocals/Guitar
Jaxon- Vocals
Mark- Chants.

We're thinking we might make it an intro to ChelseaWontJump's set haha.


(This song is a joke about Roi/dean st/UNIT... 
Yes we're baggin ourselves out too, emo's/metro's/gangstars/hardcore's/jocks - we're all losers... we just chose to pick on Unit haha)

Walk into the club off my tits motherfucker.
See me shootin pinga's left and right motherfucker.
Damn that bitches ass is lookin' tight motherfucker.
What you lookin' at cunt?
You wanna fight motherfucker?!

Pull up to the curb in my green commodore
I got flames down the side, and neons on the floor.
Got my 20 inch rims, from bob jane t mart.
Slowing right down for every goddamn speed bump.
Tribal tats down my arm motherfucker.
Got the southern cross tattooed on my back motherfucker.
With my bleached platted ratty and my knife motherfucker.


Talk shit and you're gonna get hit. (x2) (< I hate that motto so much haha)

Look at them fags in their sisters jeans! 
You got a problem with the hardcore scene?
We're talking shit in the pit, probably gonna get hit.
But at least we're not wearing fucking UNIT.
Bashing your brains out on twenty fucking bickies.
Fuck you look sick shufflin' on floors so sticky
as the cum dripping from your misses belly (lengthed) dress.
You live for deanies, getting crunk and smoking cigarettes.
Fuck you're tough ganging up on kids so small.
gonna get you brothers mate to fucking kill us all?
Well I'll tell you something mate, I'll give it to you straight.
You're no gangster, you're just a complete fucking wanker.

Talk shit and you're gonna get hit. (x2)

Farkin Carnt.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back when I was young...

Today I'm here to share a lovely story about love.
I was having a great old chat to my Gran and Grandad on Christmas, and we got on to the topics of girlfriends, or lack of one.
My Gran said "don't tie yourself down while you're still young".
I laughed at that because she was the one who fell in love at the age of 17 and got married.
I then said to my Grandad, "she must regret tying herself down with you!"
He laughed and "No way".

Then we rewind back to the year of hmm... lets say 1940? (Hope that's no offence).
My Gran worked as a receptionist in a huge car factory in Geelong, she was the only female in the entire building.
Anyway, she had just gotten her hair cut by an Italian hair stylist, some brand new spankin' cut that curled around her face.
She thought it looked great and stepped out of the Salon with a smile on her face.
That's when she sees a slightly older gent from work siting across the road of the main street, eying out the ladies. It was his usual night fun, she had heard 'things' about this man.
He was looking at her and with his fingers called her over to his car.
She pranced on over, expecting a nice compliment about her new hair.
She leans in the window and says "yes?"
With a smirk on his face he asks,
"Would you like a paper bag?"
"For that hair of yours?".
Horrified, she walked away without saying another word.

What a legend my Grandfather is... a jerk perhaps... but you know how the theory goes,
Treat girls like crap and they'll keep coming back.

Well by next week he started talking to her at work, she had pretended he never been so rude.
It must of became obvious because everyone started warning my Gran about him.
I didn't get told exactly but by the smug looks on my Grandads face, I'm guessing he was a bit of a Pimp.
Things kept going through the next couple of weeks.
He started giving her lifts home.
She was only 17 and he was 25, so there was no way my gran was going to let her family know.
The guys gave her hell at work.
"I swear I could've sued them for harassment".
One of the jokes made was from a man named Doug I think it was... or Ron? I'll go with Doug.

Doug: Hey Margaret! What's wrong with Ken's car?
My Gran: Ah nothing's wrong?
Doug: Oh really? Oh it just we thought he had a hole in his passenger seat because you're always sitting so close to him.

I liked that, it reminded me of me in my three-seater ute haha.

Geelong held an annual dance and they danced together all night.
He asked if he could take her home and she said, no i've been warned about you.
"I ended up going home with some other creep" she then told me.
A week later Ken told Marg he was moving to Canada in three weeks.
He moved just like he said he was going to.
I guess they sent eachother letters because a year later he asked her to move to Canada with him... to marry him.
Everyone was horrified that my gran was even considering it.
"It will never last" they all said.
She ignored their pleads and sailed to Canada at 18.
Her family didn't talk to her for 6 months.
Her twin brother remained in contact however.
She got married and three years later they moved back to Australia, still happily in love until this day.
I guess in summary...
follow your heart.
Even if the first words your soulmate ever says to you are "would you like a bag for your hair?".

I've been meaning to type this story up for a while, I guess because I really liked it.
I hope you did too?

Oh and another funny story that branched from this one:

Doug (Ron?), who I mentioned above, his name was in the "Death" section of the paper.
My grandad read that Doug Smith had died and his funeral was to be held the coming Saturday.
He hadn't seen Dough for a reasonable amount of years, but rang a few of his friends, and they decided they should go and pay tribute to him.
When they got to the funeral, they recognised no-one, but sat down and then later went out and watched his casket get lowered.
A year later my Grandad runs into Doug Smith.
He hadn't died, it was someone with the same name.

Imagine that.
What an idiot but haha...
"Wait a second!? Aren't you dead?"

Series 18, chapter 9.

Almost was falling asleep when my mum came home with Maddison and Ashley.
Fuck I seriously love some people in this world.
Dropped Jaxemy and Maddi home and then Ash and I hit up liquid.
Got there and it was awkward as hell.
But then we found Stefan, who looked like he was falling asleep,
and then Hugh, who also looked tired as a nugg,
then Tim "Stingray" Watson made my night and gave me a Roi bracelet,
then Elynor "Squirtle" Smithwick and Madison Dormz appeared looking fab as hell,
then Sophie and I had our usual fast paced intense psychic conversation session and it was amazing as always, and then Doug "Murray Cod" Taylor arrived looking as beautiful as ever and basically I fucking love them all so much because they are just the most genuine people.
Oh and thankyou Ely for the waterfall of compliments, you are a sensation to mankind, you too Dormz, you made me feel so much better about all the bullcrap I get from people who judge me harshly.
Although 90% of the people at that place hate me from head to toe.... my lovely friends make it the best.
There's nothing better than pretending to be on 20 bikkies.
Oh and Ash... I love you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Stayed up all night last night with Jaxon and Jeremy, we half finished recording and writing the PHATTEST beat and miracle lyrical rap ever. Its about UNIT legends and Roibar.
I'll post it when we're done :)
Slept breifly before work tonight.
I had to take juniors AND seniors tonight... over 40 kids, it was hectic.
Now I'm home, 'Jaxemy' as I will call the two, are still here and I just cleaned my room, which was in desperate need of a cleaning and redecorating.
My lack of sleep has me slightly on edge, so I would appreciate it if no-one pushed me over the edge.
My room looks so big now.
Yeah I'm done with this blog, bye kids.

Your brain has evolved immensely.

 Anonymous The Doctor said...

Hello retarded Judd"fuckingidiot"LOCKS.

I hope you kill yourself, so I can eat you.

Animals eat other animals, we're basically animals, so you can stfu. And you can preach to me about how we don't NEED meat, but it's called evolution, and things can become innate desires, just like meat has become.

Cut your fucking ugly hair and get some face-cream and then try hanging yourself in your closet you alternate conforming fuck-head.

Plants are living things too, and you eat them, it's the same principal. I don't think they'd enjoy being cut up for your pussy-stew.

- Someone better than you.

Best comment so far haha. I wish 5 year olds wouldn't comment my blogs. 
I thought we were over this?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

jaXon :)

Last night was the first night in about a week or maybe even two, that Jaxon did not sleep with me.
I did not like it one bit.
Ignore the cum stain on the mirror that makes my lips look more retarded than my face.
But look at the pedo with the comb.
Wait. I have a mini comb too haha... look at the guy who looks like his name should be Alluh Bin Ladina.
Well my point is... I love that kid.
You should too. If you're looking for a good time, nothing serious, just hit-it-and-quit-it type fun then this is his number, publicly advertised without his consent:

Text him. His gobbiezzzz are worth it.

Running with a thought.

I think almost every poem (even blog/song) i've ever written consists of me just typing some random first line down, with no intensions of it being a poem, no idea's of where I'm going... and then within two minutes i've written something that would never have been written otherwise... its kind of cool, its like pulling art from inside you, from the depths of your imagination and mind.
I think it's sort of beautiful and i think that's because it's original, I don't even know what it's going to become.
Originality and creativity are hard to find these days.
People always search for sources and idea's to be try and come up with something original...
I'm guilty of it, and I doubt you can deny that either.
It doesn't really make sense.
Albert Einstein once said The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
Creativity maybe but not originality.
We're all original.
No one is exactly the same, even identical twins share different experiences.
But we've all turned into sheep whether you want to accept that or not.

Where better to search for originality than within yourself?

EDIT: Ironically enough when I went to advertise this blog on facebook the captcha I filled out was:

Stop stopping.

There is so much I need to get done.
So much I know I can do.
I hate relying or waiting on others.
I never did like team sports.
Otherwise it's them waiting on me.
I don't want that.
I'm the type of kid that has to have it now.
I'm impulsive. It can be my best aspect or my worse.
I always want what I can't have.
But I seem to be able to get whatever I want.
Whoever I want.
Just not whenever I want.
There's a small fire starting to burn in my head.
I want to go somewhere far away, where I know no-one.
I want to go alone.
I know it wouldn't be long until I find company.
I've never liked routine.
Routine is a thing for robots.

I subconsciously fear you, perhaps for a reason?

Why hello young spider
that crawls on my face.
Perhaps you know more
about this place?
It's dark and light
and sometimes it rains,
it washes the world
then runs down the drain.
Perhaps you see more,
with six extra eyes,
Than a complicated world
built on lie after lie.
Perhaps you control us...
advanced mind techniques?
Or perhaps you just like
the touch of my cheeks?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Demolition Derby.

The other day I had the extreme joy of demolishing the front of my house.
We didn't plan it, my mum was just looking at how shit it looked and while she was looking away I picked up a crowbar and just smashed a whole section down in one. Best fun ever... Luckily my mum is as impulsive as me haha but Jaxon and Michelle joined in... I made some art with the pick-axe :)
We will be getting something new to replace it.

But yeah it was SO hot that day... I was sweating like a fat man.
Speaking of fat man, I'm watching this ex-fattie get all her skin excess cut off its foul as hell... Please guys... don't get fat.


Vitamin Dave

I did not go outside today. I just realised that.
The last time I stayed inside for long periods was when I had glandular fever.
I'm guessing I've recovered from that which is very pleasing as that was hell.

What goes up must come down.

Unless you're lucky enough to soar so high you reach orbit.
Otherwise it comes down and you can either leave it lying on the ground or like a wounded bird,
nurse it until it's ready to fly away or until it dies.

What goes up and doesn't come down?

Buried Alive.

I have a box
that hides in my room.
It holds dead love,
just like a tomb.
It's nothing special,
just an old box.
Filled with love notes and memories,
and even my dreadlocks.
Sometimes I open it,
and read what's inside,
Most of the time,
the lust has long died.
But this time I read,
what still wasn't dead.

I have a box
that hides in my room.
It holds dead love,
just like a tomb.
With every line,
From finish to start,
To Good and bad,
They're close to heart.
This time I read,
and cried and cried.
Because this love,
had far from died.

Its not that you lied
when you said forever,
Just we barely tried
to keep things together.
And now you've gone missing
Almost forgot you existed.
But your ghost jumped right
of the box and insisted...

You are still alive.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mother Vegan Straight Edge.

My mum is the best.
She's going Vegan with me, she went shopping today and came back with vegan chocolate, mayonaise, choc milk and she said if she can find vegan cheese she should be set.
I didn't ask or remotely try to persuade her... she's just a tad competitive, loves a challenge and loves animals, the most I've done is show her parts of Earthlings. Most parents would not embrace my lifestyle like that. So thankyou Tra :)
Also, I find it rather offensive to those people that say I'm doing it just so I can say to people "I'm Vegan".
The reason I told everyone is so it would secure the committment to the lifestyle I've always said to myself that I would eventually like to live.
I tried being a vegetarian multiple times but because I told no-one it made it hard to stay true my weak attempt at committment. It wasn't until I went to school and purposely dug myself a hole that I stuck to it.
Now don't take that as if I'm only doing it to live up to a reputation,
it is just when it comes to changing a habit you need to really lay down the line.
How many times do you hear smokers say "I'm quitting soon".
You can say 'soon' all your life... You need to say NOW and stick to it.
Point is, I'm not becoming a Vegan to help my "cool-factor".
I truely, passionately despise animal cruelty and I don't at all want to be a cause for this.
I know some people probably do go vegetarian for the claim, but if you would care to believe me...
I'm choosing veganism for the right reasons.
So please just lay off the hate and I'll lay off the V word, just like I don't rep the X.

Much Love
-reppin straight edge since birth ;)

(Yes, just playing around don't get your knickers in a knot)
I'm sick of being so cautious... wtf!?
Fuck it!
I'm letting haterz win.

Public speaking got Hitler to the throne.

"The more you begin to investigate what we think we understand,
where we came from, what we think we're doing,
the more you begin to see we've been lied to.
We've been lied to by every institution..
What makes you think for one minute that the religious institution is the only one that's never touched?
The religious institutions of this world are at the BOTTOM of the dirt.
The religious institutions in this world are put there by the same people who gave you your government, your corrupt education - to set up your international banking cartels because our masters don't give a DAMN about you, or your family.. all they care about is what they have always cared about and that's controlling the whole damn world.
We have been mislead away from the true and divine presence in the universe that men have called God.
I don't know what God is, but I know what he isn't...
And unless and until you are prepared to look at the whole truth and wherever it may go, 

whoever it may lead to, if you want to look the other way or if you want to play favorites - then somewhere along the line you're going to find out you're messing with divine justice. 
The more you educate yourself, the more you understand where things come from.. 
the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies everywhere. 
You have to know the truth, and seek the truth, and the truth will set you free."
- Jordan Maxwell


Spirituality is a particular term which actually means dealing with intuition. 
In the theistic tradition there is a notion of clinging into a word.  
A certain act is regarded as displeasing to a divine principles. 
A certain act is regarded as pleasing for the divine... whatever.  
In the tradition of non-theism, however, it is very direct... that the case history are not particularly important. 
What is actually important is here and now. 
Now is definitely now. 
We try to experience what is available there, on the spot. 
There is no point in thinking that a past did exist that we could have now. 
This is now. 
This very moment. 
Nothing mystical, just now, very simple, straight forward. 
From that nowness, however, arises a sense of intelligence always that you are constantly interacting with reality one by one. 
Spot by spot. 
We actually experience fantastic precision, always.  
But we are threatened by the now so we jump to the past or the future. 
Paying attention to the materials that exist in our life, such rich life that we lead... 
all these choices takes place all the time, 
but none of them regarded as bad or good... everything we experience are unconditional experience. They don’t come along with a label saying ‘this is regarded as bad’, ‘this is good’. 
But we experience them but we don’t actually pay heed to them properly. 
We don’t actually regard that we are going somewhere. 
We regard that as a hassle. 
Waiting to be dead. 
That is a problem. 
That is not trusting the nowness properly that what is the actual experience now possesses a lot of powerful things. 
It is so powerful that we can’t face it. 
Therefore, we have to borrow from the past and invite the future all the time. 
Maybe that’s why we seek religion. 
Maybe that’s why we march in the street. 
Maybe that’s why we complain to society. 
Maybe that’s why we vote for the country leaders. 
It is quite ironic though and very funny indeed.

P.s - If you've never watched Zeitgeist 1+2, then your eyes have never really opened.
I watched the first one a few years ago and it really helped shape alot of my views on life.
They tackle many topics, no nothing to do with animal cruelty... yet, the 3rd movie comes out this year so who knows what they might focus on. Get excited however and spread the good word.
My favorite documentary of all time.

No time to write.

My house has been going off more than Playboy Mansion lately.
Not that I've ever been to Playboy Mansion, but If it were like house bunny then yes.
Stefan just said he'd be my playmate.
I'm going to dress him in bunny ears.
Point of this blog...
I've been too busy to sit down and blog.
I have however written down a list of things/issues/poems/quotes/songs I want to blog about,
so expect a bucket load of blogs soon.
Hopefully you will like them.

Oh and guys... I've had enough of the vegetarian argument and little remarks.
Just get over it anonymous creepers.
I love you all however, thankyou for reading my blogs.
I love that people actually take time out of their life to listen to what I have to say,
I hope I can repay you in someway or other.
Good Mornight. X

Friday, January 1, 2010

Revolutionary Resolution.

You can't talk the walk,
until you walk the talk.
This kid is officially

I don't want to support the cruelty of any animal.
Don't dare tell me being a vegan is just stupid or over the top.

09 motto... "Embrace it".
10 motto... "Fuck it".  

(^ used in a "why not" way. Not a lazy way, but sometimes haha).