Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to the present, you will be your host.

Imagine how amazing life would be if everyone lived in the present.
We would see emotions stop controlling life.
No grudges, no judgements from the past.
It's sad how things in the past impacts our present, fills our heads with constant thoughts leading then into the future.
We rarely find ourselves living life without a care in the world of what might happen because of this action.
We worry, we stress, we regret, we plan, we wish, we dream but barely do we live.
Live for each moment, each second.
Live life as it comes.
There is no freedom in being tied down to the past or the future.
The past is over. What's done is done.
The future doesn't exist.
The presence is happening right now.
Be happy you're alive.
Be happy you can change the future rather than wishing you could change the past.
Set an example by which others will follow by.
Lets bring this world back to life.
Let go of your harsh judgements of peoples past and judge them fresh on only the present.
If everyone could all do the same there would be alot more love going around.
Life gives you a fresh start every second, make every one count.
Time doesn't wait for anyone.
Why should you wait for time?
There is no better time than now.
Now go! Be nice, be happy, do something constructive, patch up a lost friendship, tell someone you're sorry, you love them; no point stressing over something you're not going to do anything about.
Oh and remember... Peace and love start with a smile.

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