Monday, January 11, 2010

Born with Vendetta.


Picked Alex up drove to Wang, picked Mark and Stella up, and picked Ben TWOM3Y up.
Drove to melbourne.
Arrived at my grans.
Went out to the city.
Crown Casino.
Mark getting his drink on!
Laughed lots at Twomey and Mark giggle like girls.

Stuffed faces with Lord of the Fries 100% veg burgers/nuggets/chips. Drove home and slept.

Woke up too early.
Farewelled Grandparents.
Went back down the city but nothing opened until 11am.
Lord of the Fries brunch.
Ran into Sean Webb, and then Luis and Hannah.
Dangerfield. Bought some fly sunglasses.
Retro star.
Drove to Geelong.
Met up with Kate and Sean who we told to come also.
Gurgled over the Bride's  presence.
They remembered, knew and loved me :D
Mark too :)
We went for a stroll with the ever so handsome Michael Brierley.
He accepted my juice.
Apple Juice haha as his throat was sore.
He is one of my few Heroes, biggest influence screaming wise.
The pictures make him look like a metal-kent, but in actual fact he has long luscious hair, sexy facial, gigantic lobes.
Mega babe, back me up someone?
Then we watched them play. *HEAVEN*
I owned that pit. The mic too.
Mark aswell :)
And Alex and Ben too haha
Enjoyed kicking and punching a heap of scene idiots.
Opened "Every fights a food fight" for Brierley.
I swear I had the mic more than him haha.
Oh and when I give him mic gobbiez he likes to caress my hair.
Found these photo's just then from a boy named Phillip. (Flickr link)
But seriously...
The Bride have been my favourite band for 3 years now,
I've seem them 3 times, played with them once,
and I feel like a silly little school girl hanging out with them in their tour bus haha.
Oh and I bought Nelsons side project CD haha was good to finally meet that sexy asian.
Then walked down to beach and I ran back 2km uphill back to the car so I could drive everyone back, and I forgot the keys!
Watched the remaining bands.
Said farewell to my beloved boyfriend Brierley and co.
Went down to the beach with the original crew.
Saw a guy smoking a bong, publicly casually slurping on the beach sidewalk.

The rest is a picture book for ya'll.
Click pics for big size :)

City Slickers.

Twomey's one sided car window tan.

New Sunglasses, they're oily tie-dye.
Mark and Stella are beautiful.


Barani-to-be. Nb iPhone camera.
(After this I lauched myself and went head first and got winded :( haha.)

Minus Stella.

We also took a photo in a photobooth... I'll get Stelaphant to scan it for me. Overall, best weekend in ages!


Alex said...

twomey want to touch my butt

maddi b said...

you forgot the part where i was there too and we had heaps of fun all together.

Anonymous said...

hurry up and hook up with alex you 2 are made for each other

Anonymous said...

where is the place your jumping in the water?-stefan

Anni Sugar said...

What fun! All these photos are great. :D