Thursday, January 7, 2010

Series 18, chapter 9.

Almost was falling asleep when my mum came home with Maddison and Ashley.
Fuck I seriously love some people in this world.
Dropped Jaxemy and Maddi home and then Ash and I hit up liquid.
Got there and it was awkward as hell.
But then we found Stefan, who looked like he was falling asleep,
and then Hugh, who also looked tired as a nugg,
then Tim "Stingray" Watson made my night and gave me a Roi bracelet,
then Elynor "Squirtle" Smithwick and Madison Dormz appeared looking fab as hell,
then Sophie and I had our usual fast paced intense psychic conversation session and it was amazing as always, and then Doug "Murray Cod" Taylor arrived looking as beautiful as ever and basically I fucking love them all so much because they are just the most genuine people.
Oh and thankyou Ely for the waterfall of compliments, you are a sensation to mankind, you too Dormz, you made me feel so much better about all the bullcrap I get from people who judge me harshly.
Although 90% of the people at that place hate me from head to toe.... my lovely friends make it the best.
There's nothing better than pretending to be on 20 bikkies.
Oh and Ash... I love you.

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