Sunday, January 3, 2010


Spirituality is a particular term which actually means dealing with intuition. 
In the theistic tradition there is a notion of clinging into a word.  
A certain act is regarded as displeasing to a divine principles. 
A certain act is regarded as pleasing for the divine... whatever.  
In the tradition of non-theism, however, it is very direct... that the case history are not particularly important. 
What is actually important is here and now. 
Now is definitely now. 
We try to experience what is available there, on the spot. 
There is no point in thinking that a past did exist that we could have now. 
This is now. 
This very moment. 
Nothing mystical, just now, very simple, straight forward. 
From that nowness, however, arises a sense of intelligence always that you are constantly interacting with reality one by one. 
Spot by spot. 
We actually experience fantastic precision, always.  
But we are threatened by the now so we jump to the past or the future. 
Paying attention to the materials that exist in our life, such rich life that we lead... 
all these choices takes place all the time, 
but none of them regarded as bad or good... everything we experience are unconditional experience. They don’t come along with a label saying ‘this is regarded as bad’, ‘this is good’. 
But we experience them but we don’t actually pay heed to them properly. 
We don’t actually regard that we are going somewhere. 
We regard that as a hassle. 
Waiting to be dead. 
That is a problem. 
That is not trusting the nowness properly that what is the actual experience now possesses a lot of powerful things. 
It is so powerful that we can’t face it. 
Therefore, we have to borrow from the past and invite the future all the time. 
Maybe that’s why we seek religion. 
Maybe that’s why we march in the street. 
Maybe that’s why we complain to society. 
Maybe that’s why we vote for the country leaders. 
It is quite ironic though and very funny indeed.

P.s - If you've never watched Zeitgeist 1+2, then your eyes have never really opened.
I watched the first one a few years ago and it really helped shape alot of my views on life.
They tackle many topics, no nothing to do with animal cruelty... yet, the 3rd movie comes out this year so who knows what they might focus on. Get excited however and spread the good word.
My favorite documentary of all time.


Anonymous said...

I had both the Zeitgeist documentaries on dvd,
I let someone borrow them and never got them back.
You are the first person I have come across who has seen them as well, hahaa.
- Elouise

juddLOCKS said...

Yeh I have them both on DVD aswell... I had two of the same disc for the first one and the same thing happened and now its long gone... lucky I have a spare haha