Thursday, January 14, 2010


The thing I love most about music is the way music can connect with people.
No matter what situation you're in or what mood you're in, there's always a song out there to match the way you're feeling.
Everytime I've ever felt intense emotion watching a film, is when the soundtrack has pushed emotion into it.
It can make you feel content and peaceful, scared and on edge, mournful, angry and pumped or cry with happiness.
My eyes had to hold back tears as my throat got hot watching the biggest losers visit their families after losing weight.
I felt nothing for them, I didn't know them, but the music bought up all this rejoycful sadness in me.
Music manipulates and intensifies emotions.
It can remind us we're living.
Make us realise.
Make us feel.
Make us love.
Make us remember.
Make us human.
Maybe that's why I don't like music that's so industrially and mechanically produced.
Lyrics aren't written by the "artists" nor the music half the time.
If an artist/musician cannot connect to a song, then how can anyone?!
Sadly most radio songs lack any emotion.
Or the lyrics don't suit the music.
All it makes me feel is anger.


Em. said...

I agree whole heartedly.
Especially awith the lyrics not being written by their artists.. The best songs are those that are written from the heart and preformed from the heart. In 2008 I went to the best concert of my life, in a small pub. The songs were so moving and so intense I literally cried. Thats what it's all about, the emotion and the experience. All the songs performed that night were written by either the lead singer of the band or past or present members of the band. I watched a detailed interview where the artist spoke about the songs, about writing the songs and what each and every song he wrote meant to him and why it was written. It made me love him that much more.

Anonymous said...

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