Monday, January 4, 2010

Demolition Derby.

The other day I had the extreme joy of demolishing the front of my house.
We didn't plan it, my mum was just looking at how shit it looked and while she was looking away I picked up a crowbar and just smashed a whole section down in one. Best fun ever... Luckily my mum is as impulsive as me haha but Jaxon and Michelle joined in... I made some art with the pick-axe :)
We will be getting something new to replace it.

But yeah it was SO hot that day... I was sweating like a fat man.
Speaking of fat man, I'm watching this ex-fattie get all her skin excess cut off its foul as hell... Please guys... don't get fat.


M∆DISON† said...

I clicked on the picture to scope out Tra she is a man.
Running around in her crop top lifting logs while he scrawny son takes photos good one Judd, good one.

juddLOCKS said...

HAHAHAHA look i did the fun part of knocking it down.

Anonymous said...

holy shit, your mums on 'roids.

juddLOCKS said...

She lives for exercise and bathing in sun.