About Me

This blog is something I started to record my progress through life. 
It has however become largely followed so, thank-you for showing interest in me.

I'm a conscious observer of the 3rd dimension.
My Ego can fill in the rest:
My names Judd Ditchfield. I was born on the 14th of April, 1991.
I live in Thurgoona, which is just out of Albury, on the borderline of NSW and VIC, Australia.
When it comes to beliefs I know mine can seem rather odd, compared to generic society but there's enough evidence to support such theories that would hold up in court.
I'm highly interested in uncovering truth and evolving as a collective consciousness.
I'm interested in science and I'm interested in religion.
I find modern religion fascinatingly frustrating, just as I do with science sometimes.
I feel there's alot to learn from ancient religions however, even ancient sciences.
The idea of Extra-Terrestrials is one that really intrigues me.
History and Philosophy are also are favourite of mine as well as many other topics.
I really enjoy reading books that give a new perspective to me. 
Basically, I'm all about thinking and making others think, even though it often happens in conflict.
I enjoy being creative through thoughts, words, music, acting, photography.
Music is the main drive in my life, and if I had to choose one thing that would be it... however I wish (and try) to have just as much time for all my other creative hobbies.
I find I'm often very misunderstood.
I try to be the nicest and happiest person I can.
I'd do anything to help someone.
I've been very blessed in my life to have been bought up by the most amazing mother out there, alongside with a great sister, and a dad who has taught me not what to be.
Not to mention the incredible amount of amazing friends I have surrounding me wherever I might be.
Other things about me: 
I was born half deaf... but it's helped me in alot of ways become who I am today, as a kid I mainly kept to myself in thought. 
I have two   webbed toes on each foot. 
I gain income throughswim coaching and recording music.
I've never drank alcohol and never will. Drugs however intrigue me alot. 
I don't eat meat and try and avoid most animal products however I fall easily to chocolate.
Get to know me more?
Much love and thankyou for reading.