Thursday, August 13, 2009

She bowls me over.

Herself included :D

Got to see lovergirl tonight which was sooooo good!
She came down with Marty, Brady and Zil and Jordyn and I tagged along to the ten pin bowling ally. I watched the first round as i was too late. LOL @ Madison.
Second round... I WON :D
I got 164 (new record!)
Ha! and whenever i got a strike, (Brady put his screen name as "bitch") it would come up on the screen "Your shout Bitch!" haha and it was funny.
Did my trial HSC monologue performance today and im really happy with how it went.
The lines were on the tip of my tongue so i was free to go wild on stage.
And go wild i did.
Have you ever seen a spider spinning its web?


Ducky Bats said...

must say you did fucking awesomely (y)

chloe said...

hey judd what did you do for your monologue?