Thursday, August 6, 2009

Theatrical Matrix

Lately, i've almost ditched my humanistic views on life, because Fate seems to be happening so perfectly.
Fate seems to introduce me to people at the right stages of life when i need their influence or direction, to either learn from their knowledge and wisdom or challenge my own. Just like this happens to me, I feel I have this same purpose and impact on others lives too.
But according to afterlife spirits, and my rational beliefs... fate, is non-existent.
So by fate... I guess I mean the idea of 'chance'. (Luck)
Hypothetically Speaking in terms of Metaphysics and God...
Life is much like theatre.
Characters pop up, fulfill their desired role and leave the stage.
The director is no where to be seen, he created his vision... a God like role... and then allowed the actors to further develop it.
We are the actors, with nothing but a skeleton script of the characters we are to play.
So in conclusion, I've taken on the position of lead role, just like everyone should.
I have a purpose, as do the other actors... but its is the character and their purpose that the actor has control over.

To analyze the position of Director.
There's 3 possibilities I can think of:
- The Director as a creator. Who now sits in the audience and watches on.
- The Director as an onstage director who interferes, experiments with the play.
- The inexistent Director. That life is but merely a game of improvisation.

Either way,
I believe we're in rehearsal.
Trying still to perfect this play.
I don't think we ever will.

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