Monday, August 24, 2009

The Illusion VS The Delusion.

An illusion is something we personally create.
Life is an illusion, we created our lives.
Its something in which its not.
Eg. -An illusionist can seemingly make something disappear.
-If i don't like a certain aspect in my life, I too, can make it 'disappear'.
Its still there, it still exists, but i no longer see it.
People's ignorance towards animal suffering highlights this aspect.

However, a delusion, is too see something in a false manner.
Most aspects of life are a delusion.
We become passionate about things that don't matter,
take celebrity magazines for example;
Most know more about Jennifer Anniston than they know about themselves.
When i say themselves... i mean, their pure spirit. Their true being.
Not their deluded lives.

Labour and other Materialistic values, fabricate the delusion of a 'life'.
So when someone tells me to 'get a life'...
Basic interpretation could be:
'Enrich your life with distractions.'

Things are always there to be done and to distract us.
If i could have it my way,
and none of the aspects of life's delusion were here to distract me,
and illusions were'nt created for me to miss the bigger picture,
I would be highly accomplished.
On the things that reflect my true self.

All i want to do is the things i feel most passionate about, not work, not fight,
not worry about what outfit i'm going to wear in 10 weeks time- I find it hard to belive that THIS can be anyone's passion.
They've just fallen in to the trap of delusion.
Hmm... I seem to analyse the situation more than live it.
My deluded weekend:
Worked all weekend in Wangaratta, at the State Swimming Championships.
They made me swim two races aswell. I got a bronze in the 18/over 100IM which was rather funny as i havn't swam in two years and I still am the fastest 18 y.o in Vic *head bursts*/ and did a 59.1 for 100 free/ Madison got to see me in action. How shit :) I just wanted to Play music and cuddle.

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