Thursday, August 27, 2009

The most amazing thing ever!

I was driving home down near the airport with Stefan... after graffiting "I LOVE YOU" outside Ceri's window/road.
When the most amazing thing happened:
A huge bright circle burned in the sky then zipped down leaving a green/white trail of light behind it! Then it turned into what was clearly a comet... and you could see the orange light of fire around it as it travelled diagonally downwards for a good amazing 5 seconds, before slowly breaking down into pieces quickly before disappearing.
It wasn't like a shooting star.
We both screamed of joy afterwards... i think i orgasmed just a little :s
But... undescribably amazing.
I swear... at 2 in the morning we wouldve been the only two to see it.
Much love guys... we're off to spread some more love.


S said...

where is my love !

Dreamer said...

haha spread the love
best night ever

Megan Yonson said...

OMOGMOGMOGMOGGGGGGGG judd i have never everf loved u more, my mum lovezzz it! h ah ah ha THIS IS MY HOUSEEE!! YAYYY