Friday, August 21, 2009

Trial Tales.

I need to catch-up my diary entries!
So im just going to a speed run of keywords;
- Stefan drove me around
- Visited Maddi, Madi, Ely, Ceri, Soph
- Sam and Hayden etc Dinner @ Paddy's
- Paddy's Chillz- Ashlea's Bday
- Roi w/Soph + Ally
- Super Rad fun w/ Soph
- Licked Ely's face ha- Stayed up all night being deep + funny
- Bought Ely soft serve
- Car temporarily broke down lol
- Recorded Horsey X film clip- Got hurt haha
- Went saw Madison for our 2 month anniversary :) ILY
- Went saw 'Inglorious Bastards'
- Pretended to mum i was @ Allys/Megans Studying :S
- Got back at 1am
- Did SUPER shit in biology exam
- Im gonna get in trouble for writing "funny" answers :(
- Started on a new acoustic song :)
- Work
- Going to See Madison asap
- Have to swim/coach @ Wang all weekend

Sorry for the boring blog!
I just wanted to get on top of things...
Got some cool idea's coming up for next few blogs.

Love Judd.

1 comment:

Megan Yonson said...

AHHHH AH AHA H STUDYING!!! then why did i leave the invite at your house!! ah ha ha did u get it>?
LOVEEZZ UU gotta catch up asap congrats on the 2 monthiesss