Friday, August 14, 2009

Bodily Imprisoned.

In The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
My Non-existent God!
I cannot wait for this. (and then i just started to ramble...?):

Imagination is an incredible phenonema.
But so distorted to such weak, frail minds.
I will meditate.
I will learn to leave my body where it belongs;
The pits of hell on earth.
My spirit will become free.
I will become aware.
So consider my body a robot.
Here to do its job.
The energy left behind, going nowhere.
Only thing that moves will be your watches.
I will become no longer a slave to the physical.
I am planning my escape.
Goodbye's have already been said.
You'll just have to wait in line.
I don't make the rules.
Not anymore.
The remaining brains do.
Prison born monkeys sub-conciously saw;
And Prison born monkeys sub-conciously did;
But we've never been caged within a cage.
Not physically.
Pain is physical.
Pain is feared.
You can't feel pain if you're unconcious.
But pain is only one silver bar in my cell.
Its upsetting to find out living is unnatural.
I always thought i was lucky.

Yep... True stroy. However:
Truth is only a Perspective.

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