Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Blogger :)

Let me introduce myself:

Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.
I really really adore a girl named Madison :) Eff off.
In my spare time i enjoy Muff Diving. Eff studying.
I listen to music. Eff radio.
I have Fins. Eff Toes.
I have AIDs. Hearing Aids.
I Throwdown. Not Up.
I have not ever consumed Alcohol. Not edge.
I eat Tofu. Not lives.
I bow down to people like Einstein. Eff pathetic attempts at God.
I enjoy documentaries like Zeitgeist. Eff MTV.
I have come to accept that nothing actually exists.
That our subconcience mind is merely creating
what i know to be reality.
All i know is I exist in some form.
Im the main character in this game.
You're all props to pave my destiny.
Ive given up on finding myself a categorisation. A genre.
There's 6,706,993,152 people and 4,200 Religions, and of that 10 major Religions.
Why do we need to classify ourselves into someone else's beliefs? Be creative.
Im making my own. You're not welcome to join.
Thats the point... get it?

"This is me taking control of my life, now what the fuck have you done lately?"


narda cain said...

your light shines bright

JuddsATool said...

ur an idiot
people believe in religion because it gives them a sense of hope
a sense of purpose.
are you really taking control of your life
coz by the looks of it ur wasting it blogging and bitching
by not letting people join ur belief system
ut not giving people a choice
wat sort of person does that make u
maybe you should stop whining about what other people believe. and start worrying about how hopeless you are
and how meaningless your telling us your life is.

juddLOCKS said...

Well clearly you have ZERO understanding of anything remotely knowledgable.
Am i really taking conrol of my life?
Hang on... first of all... you dont know me remotely.
Second... Life's all about balance isnt it?

What purpose but a false one does religion give to ones life?
Make it to "heaven"... geez they dont try very hard even if that is there purpose... PURPOSE, should be finding out exactly why we are here.
Not that we came from Adam's fucking rib.
What other people believe is sending us into a future filled with fear, and confusion... and you wouldnt know ANYTHING about this or quantum physics and rather than let a person write a blog a diary, you're even worse for criticising me for writing one.
So how about you simply... fuck off :)

HAHAHA not letting people join my belief system?
dude are you retarded?
Did you actually read the point im trying to make... with a pun?

I love my life. Blogging included.
So unless its your passion to criticise people anonymously, then i dont want you here.
IF you want to challenge my values...
Run at me slut.
I will knock you down.

jake, said...

"I bow down to people like Einstein. Eff pathetic attempts at God."

lucylu. said...

Bahah, Juddsatool is all like "how meaningless your telling us your life is."

But your life is quite obviously shit and meaningless because you devote plenty of time and energy into bitching about Judd.
That's hilarious. You're a twat.

Religion is a bunch of lies to make idiots feel better about the one thing they're afraid of... The unknown. They're too scared to discover what's there so instead they make up shit to make themselves feel better.