Friday, January 1, 2010

Revolutionary Resolution.

You can't talk the walk,
until you walk the talk.
This kid is officially

I don't want to support the cruelty of any animal.
Don't dare tell me being a vegan is just stupid or over the top.

09 motto... "Embrace it".
10 motto... "Fuck it".  

(^ used in a "why not" way. Not a lazy way, but sometimes haha).


lorien said...

good for you :)

your so lucky your not a chick! one of my friends is vegan, and she like LOVES makeup, but basically she cant use 95% of cosmetics cos itd fuck up her whole vegan thing..

Anonymous said...

Good one.
But this year maybe don't impose your hatred on others k?

Alex said...


Wilbus said...

what's with the anonymous people hating? shit.
and sick Judd, all the best with it.

Anonymous said...

I've always felt like people are vegans and vegetarian just so they can write it in a blog or on their myspace.

Gee. said...

good for you! :D:D

juddLOCKS said...

Fuck up anonymous, animal cruelty passionately boils my blood, no show. Do you really believe people would make such a self sacrifice for a show? I hope not anyway.

Anonymous said...

I would say good for you for applying this upon yourself, but then in the back of my head i couldnt help but think 'oh joy, i cant wait for him to post seven thousand more blogs pushing his beliefs upon us!'

Anonymous said...

I would say good for you for applying this upon yourself, but then i couldnt help but think 'oh joy, another seven thousand (exaggeration?), even more severe blogs about you trying to push your beliefs upon us!'

juddLOCKS said...

Dw I've said everything I have to say I'm not going to preach anymore

Anonymous said...

you're a loser. theres more to life then you think, obviously. all you care about is being recognised positivly cause you think youre oh so cool with your veganism and anti christ bullshit. let people believe what they want, let people eat what they want. why do you find something better to do with your time? people die everyday from poverty and illnesses and who knows what the fuck else and all you care about is yourself and how cool people think you are. i think youre a complete fuck head, seriously. im not alone in that too. just take a step back and look at yourself. fucking idiot.

juddLOCKS said...

? Ok. I try to be the nicest person I can and if you knew me properly you'd know that. I don't see myself as a cool person Im just me? Unless you have been over to ethopia and helped starvation and poverty then you can't have a go at me? I'm sorry I don't make your cut.

Anonymous said...

judd is pretty nice though

Anonymous said...

"i dont really care that much about animal cruelty but im going to pretend, because how cool is it going to look when i can call myself a vegan"

juddLOCKS said...

What are the quotation marks meant to imply?
That that's my real opinion?
Man. Judge me all you like.
I'm vegan for the worlds benefit, not for the benefit of my cool factor.
I can understand that people probably do do that, but I'm doing it for the right reasons so please... it's very offending.
It's something I always said I would do but had been putting off for obvious reasons of difficulty.
Please just leave me alone.