Thursday, December 31, 2009


I wish I didn't have to let you go. I've really found out lots about myself this year. At the moment I'm learning alot of things from experience and alot of things through research. There are some fantastic people out there, just like there are some bad people out there. As to the picture... yes it is my blood. No I'm not slittin' wrists over it, my hands and finger are just so unbearably dry that they start bleeding when they feel the need. I don't have any real incentive as to where I'm going as of yet. I know I love music, I love acting, I love thinking, so I guess once holidays end and all my fun goes back to school and work or even Uni now... I will be making lots of music. Thinking a shitload about ways of approaching everything in life in the most effective manner, trying to make a difference to this world. I want to write music that expresses my idea's, that makes people think, whether it be relatable relationship concepts or world revolutionary idea's. But for now 2009... You've bought me the greatest moments of my life... possibly the best I may ever get to experience. I wish I could get stuck in a time warp and stay 18 forever. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friends... hopefully I will see you next year.

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