Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm allergic to oxygen.

The skies fall and the weight is pressed upon me.
Unlike a blanket it's cold under here.
Suffocating in darkness.
My mind is not where it should be.
Nor my body nor my heart.
Get out of my bed and out of my head.
She's dressed to kill, 
she wants me dead.
These wings were a trap.
All the breath I wasted, flying high.
Lets the rain push me from the sky,
cleanse us all while we fall.
The loved, the lost, the dying, them all.
I've never been so unsure.
The words unspoken shed no light,
to an explorer who has lost his sight.
With little time, and little space,
He's gone missing without a trace.
The lack of air shows a lack of care,
I'm left here ripping out my hair.
Tonight I started to smell the past.
My senses may return at last.

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