Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Born to fly, not bred to die.

New Chelsea Lyrics.

These walls are caving in on me.
Won't someone please help me break free?
I haven't felt the sunlight for so long.
When I do I'll be too far gone.
I was born to fly, not bred to die.
Can't you see this is not alright?
I wasn't born to fly, I was bred to die
All this pain for your taste buds.
My life never meant shit to anyone. No-one.
I hope I taste good.
My mouth just tastes like blood.
I hope I smell good.
Like Rotting flesh.
I'm not looking back.
I'd rather be dead.
A knife slits my throat,
as it dangles from my head.
Maggot filled carcasses lie beneath my feet,
What God would torture us, and serve us up to eat?
Why are all so blind?
Fuck this. This filthy race.
I would never be apart of this.
Fuck carnivores evolve.
You are the reason this filth still exists.
The worst is over now.
My world is over now.
You've set me free, now let me fly.
By your grace let me fly away.
Far from this cruel world.
Fly away from yesterday.


Gracey said...

Fuck yesss!
This is amazing
You rule

...Ohaii...Pixiie... said...

awesome as!
this is really great!

Anonymous said...

born to fly, not bred to die.
the irony here being that chickens are flightless birds.