Saturday, December 19, 2009

Step into my shoes.

This summer for me is all about bare-feet.
Shoes are stupid.
I like the trashy feeling the natural skin brings.
Soon my feet will have hardened over so I'll be able to walk on glass... and water too.
Yesterday afternoon I walked past the bended elbow and everyone just stopped talking as I awkwardly scurried past.
Met up with a sexy gang of people, as I walked back past the Pub this guy, absolute meathead, has the nerve and complete ignorant rudeness to today's society's acceptance on just the concept of love in general, to say, loudly and proudly in front of a crowd of equal douchebags:

Meathead: Hey man.
Judd: yeah?
Meathead: You look like fucking faggot.
Judd: *doesn't think of a good comeback fast enough* Thanks :)

But seriously Albury... outdone yourself!
I just laugh.
Enjoy your mutt-ugly bimbo-sluts, matching UNIT wear and your fat disgusting appearance.

I'd rather be a faggot.


Alex said...

i hated that butthead:(

Anonymous said...

Though in one of your previous blogs you have no issue referring to a kid you saw on the street as 'some little faggot in skinny jeans' ?

juddLOCKS said...

LOL you are dumb. I was referring to myself as "THE SKINNY FAGGOT IN SKINNY JEANS"