Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I get obsessed to easy.

Tomorrow I'm going to convince my mum, to convince me (with her re-paying funding help) to buy this car.
Seriously, it's just so sexy. Who cares its only got 2 seats. It's just like a mini sexy ute.
If I need more seats, i can just take my mum's car, or Edwina should hopefully have a car soon enough and I'm sure she wouldn't mind driving this whilst I borrowed hers her something.
Help convince me to buy it. Or not to buy it.
It's $7,800, Honda CRX Del Sol 1993, in Melbourne.

Looks rad.
Targa top convertible.
Power steering/windows/mirrors.
Ex-showmodel car.
Sick Sound system potential.
500km on small tank, fuel efficient.
Only in Melbourne.
I'm sick of wasting money on the Doom ute.
(However could sell it for $2-3k)
I presume I could re-sell this car for a reasonable amount.
In my opinion, its not over-done and/or dero looking, and not too gay looking.

Only two seats.
Not much space for shit in front (but plenty in boot).
I'll have to get the hang of manual, although that excites me.

Please do give your opinion.
Fuck. It's 5am.
But yeh... I want a car that's rad, and me and reliable and convenient.

Also, wouldn't mind getting a better front body kit happening, not too sure on the curve.

If not this, the 1990 model, when done up looks pretty dang, and has a tiny squishy back seat.
But that shits rare on Aus net.

Feedback please.

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