Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HSC Results.

80 for Music and Drama.
70 for Adv. English/Biology/Maths.

I expected between 50-60 due to the fact I seriously did not study.
My study was read some practice tests the night before, and make alot of music.

Should've gone better in Drama but my theory would've let me down heaps haha fuck it, at least I know I got 29/30 for trials monologue. Music was my highest mark... that surprised me as I thought I would've failed the Aural test, performances were ok-ish I guess... but I had glandular and could barely sing.
English... really should of actually read that book, because I just bullshitted my way through one essay.
Maths. Can't stand that shit so very surprised I even got that.
Biology... for my trial I got 27 haha so big improvement there. I guess I simply learned from my mistakes and the one past paper I did was identical to the real thing. However that was the exam where I answered EVERY extended study question... when we only had to do the one of the area we studied.

My message to anyone doing this unstressful nuisance in years to come.

Don't bother learning. Its not about how much you know, its about how how you score.
The questions are always the same generality so...
Don't waste years of learning in class and forgetting everything over such a long time scale.
Simply study past papers and buy the books with the answers and remember them, (I only did one past paper and it more than doubled my marks for both maths and bio).
Would cut out all the bullshit.
Some subjects that don't work.
Do subjects that you actually like and enjoy, not if you think you're good at them.
Oh and nothing is ever as serious as they make it out to be.
But fuck all that... who gives a shit just enjoy livin' the dream.

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Megan Yonson said...

i wish i didn't care so much