Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Worship Thyself.

Worship your inner God. Battle your inner tyrant.
As a race we're following the path of the prophecies we make.
This world is controlled by other beings far more spiritually evolved than us.
We can change our future for the better, if we just learn love.
I'm keen to enter the fourth density of dimensional living.
Earth is long ready. So lets cut the crap.
Wake up to your own existence... our abilities are far beyond our dreams.
Stand as one united race of beings, and love.
Love conquers all.
United we stand, divided we fall.
I'm sick of falling. We've been falling over the same stone, over and over again.
How many times can history repeat itself to make us feel the urgency for change?
We haven't got long. Before we kiss freedom goodbye.
Forget everything you ever learnt about history.
it's all been tampered with, altered by time travellers to help manipulate our future.
The future is never set in stone, it doesn't exist.
The present is where you are.
Break down the barriers about what you thought existed, and what you thought was impossible.
It's all out there. Right under your nose.
They can never take our free-will.
Not if you stay true to yourself.
Do you know what you are?
You have no idea.
You don't even know who you are.
You don't know where you came from?
Our race.
They told you we originated on Earth did they?
Everything they ever told you was a lie.
We are so far from the truth, we are even missing an eye.
Spirituality has been tortured by religions.
Find yourself.
Be yourself.
Open your mind and hope to fucking fate they save us,
the pure.
Nothing but a conscious swirl of energy.
Nothing but love.                        

Jesus only exists because people believe in him.
Fuck Jesus. No superiority. No inferiority.
We are all one, all Gods of our own.
You create what you believe.
I believe in love.


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