Sunday, December 6, 2009

I think Edward Cullen should be played by Noel Fielding.

Yesterday: Went saw Mark and Stella, then went got Gabriel and Alex and we went for a rad bush drive and somehow didn't get bogged, taught G how to drive haha then we went met up with Maddison and went got Noodles and then tickets for 'Where the wild things are'. Kate and Grace met up with us too. The movie was rather odd in my opinion, I was the only jerk not to cry... didn't even know it was meant to be a sad moment, next thing i'm wiping tears off Alex's face.
But G loved it so I guess I do too haha. Then everyone left so Alex and I were like... sickkkkk. What to do?
So went to Maccas, then went back to waterworks and she took bloody mary for a spin.
Went to the hospital after that. No she didn't crash surprisingly, just visiting my mother.
Then to Jaxons. Then he came with us to Monument, the moon was crazy, oval shaped and cheese yellow.
Pulled the acoustic out for a bit. Then busted a couple banging in a car, I thought the guy was gonna bash me as he was death-staring me, so we legged.
There was NOTHING on party wise so went back to mine and chilled out.
Alex reminded me the beauty of Noel Fielding and Russel Brand, 'big fat quiz of the year' ftw.
Youtube it: (wouldn't mind that cape lol)
I would turn gay for Noel.

He talks crackers and makes me feel all giddy. ;)
Ahh, keep talking Noel... your voice is remedial.


maddi b said...

mmmmm noel fieldingggggggggg

Alex said...

ahhhhh your the best!!!!!!!!!.