Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Racked out of your brain.

LOL today I had a "mini-snack-wrap" from maccas with no chicken and I didn't eat it until we got to the wodonga cotton-on... and I sat alone on a chair outside the store, in an overly large and badly cut singlet and short "challk-board" style board shorts and had my sunnies on too.
Anyway, now you've got a mental image... the cotton-on lady must have been on her break and she was walking back into the store. We've spoken a few times and I went to say Hi and she just looked at me like I had 3 arms and goes:

"Oh gee! are you alright!"

Meanwhile I've got my wrap spread out on my legs trying to decorate it with chips and BBQ sauce.
I laughed and said "oh yeah just trying to make my wrap" or something...
and she comes up to me and is like:
"oh my god what are you on!?
Are you ok? Your racked out of your brains.
Do you want me to call an ambulance?"

Just kept going! I'm in hysterics because I thought it was hilarious and I couldn't even tell if she was serious... she did not believe me when I said I'm ok... she was just like "I've been there before! Why on earth would you come down the street!? AND YOUR STILL IN YOUR PYJAMAS!"

ahhahahahahaha OUCH!

Anyway, she left to call the ambulance, I'd become drugged up on how funny it all was which didn't help... not to mention my mood was rather hyper to begin with.

So I got my wrap all sorted out (weird, doing it at maccas wouldve looked completely normal, however doing it on a rest seat in a plaza looked and felt hobo-like) and I head inside the store.
Alex was being served by her and I rock up and she goes:

"Is he with you!?" Alex nods. "Oh thank god"
She then mutters to other lady working "he's absolutely racked out of his brains!"
I'm pissing my self, Alex is confused as a nugg.

I then tried to tell her to stop judging me!
But I was laughing too hard to convince her I wasn't lovin the drugs.
At 1pm in the arvo...
King Straight Edge the XXX was off his shrub. (I guess seedy facial hair and a long nail does not help either)

What a joke but.
I'm just happy and hyper and like to disembody my wraps on public seats in seemingly odd clothes.


elynor said...

hahahahahhaa! you're the biggest druggo/

Anonymous said...

golly madison would be dying with all this alex hanging. shes dang hot/tiny too. fuck her?

Alex said...

im huge.