Thursday, December 24, 2009


A bit of a diary entry here;
Last week and a bit has been hectic.
Seen and chilled and played with about everyone in the universe.
I haven't had enough alone time to get the simplest of tasks done, but I love it.
Drove marks car around last night, witnessed a guy get K.O'd and rumor has it he's dead.
It's fucking disgusting, testosterone at it's best.
Roi. A place for sluts, drugged meatheads and outdated fashion... strutting, shuffling and punching on floors stickier than the cum they still have dripping from their belly length dresses.
Fuck you.
Point is people like that sicken me.
No who am I kidding?!
They're fucking awesome, great entertainment.
Aliens must watch our world and laugh.
Anyway... I got home at like 3am and had a cyber music session, tried sleeping at 5am...
Failed woefully on several attempts to clear the music from my mind so I gave in and played guitar until now.
Not going to try and sleep, I'm too awake, going to buy Mum's (etc) Xmas prez.
Got no idea so please help!
Leave to go to melbourne at 3pm.
Tomorrow's Christmas and I get to see my beloved aunty Lendy ;)

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