Sunday, December 6, 2009

Praise :)

Had to go out to Jindera this morning to coach.
It was heaps of fun, I love being the only Coach.
Some of these kids i've known for a year and half now, and I've got such a great thing going on with them.
Its good, because although I'm Mr. Do what I tell you to do, at training, I've become such good friends with them all, I'm their mentor, coach, psychologist even sometimes haha but most importantly their friend :) Hell! They even call me 'Uncle Judd'?! I always try to make it fun for them as I personally think enjoyment is the key to success. I was a great swimmer sure, but I lost enjoyment from it and quit. But yeh, I do rather enjoy my job. I love how the kids love me, as annoying as they can all be, and the parents too :)
It was really great today though, I had kids hangin off me left right center... literally at stages.
Our club killed the point tally too.
LOL and I just got a text from the club president:
"Juddy, Bryan* can stay in Thailand, who needs him when we have you. Thanks for everything today. It's obvious why all the kids love you, us parents reckon you're alright too. From a grateful president."
Aww :):):) how cute.
Also after the meet I organized a game of waterpolo with all the kids and some parents too, it was fun but I got way too sunburnt!
I'm now red as my Ute... and my Uke.
*Bryan is the head coach fyi.


Anonymous said...

do you touch them inappropriately?

juddLOCKS said...

Do I ever.

maddi b said...

HAHAHHA. @ anonymous.