Monday, December 28, 2009

There is no fence to sit on.

"The writer, when he is also an artist... is someone who admits what others don't reveal."

I know you're all out to get me, to pick and bitch about all the nitty gritty aspects of the things I say.
I know you think my bigotry makes me look as though I cannot love anyone other than myself.
I know this isn't true.
I know I am a very nice being and will always put others before myself.
I know pain exists for a reason.
I know that this world is wrong.
You would too if you made that pivotal moment to turn around and walk against the crowd.
Think and walk to the beat inside you, not to the beating echo's of dead generations.
Just for those few seconds of walking backwards, you should realise that everyone is walking to a dead end with their eyes shut tight.
Save your legs, turn around and let's straighten ourselves back on the path of evolution.
Although you may not see it, perhaps never... 
I stand for love.
Nothing but love.
Love does not stand for hate.
It's black and white and I'm selling it like soap.
There are two alternatives.
Love or Hate.
Peace or War.
Life or Death.
Either you see something is wrong and do something about it,
Or you do nothing. 
In my eyes, you are no better than the man with red hands.
I learnt a valuable lesson in grade 5.
If you know someone's getting bullied and you do nothing, you are just as bad as the bully themselves.


Alex said...

I'm glad you know that it's true.

veg/veganism is about putting other beings lives in the same value as your own, how in anyway this could be selfish is beside me? Based on love and passion.
mm I suppose some people just choose not to see.

Anonymous said...

I will agree that judd is a very nice person.
from what i know of him, he is genuinely kind and despite his preaching about vegetarianism he does mean well.

juddLOCKS said...

:') thankyou I love you