Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I always think that you're just one person.
I like to think that you sometimes have arguments with yourself.
Oh and I like how you think I'm a celebrity haha befriend me?
Start a blog... called Anonymous.
You can be an opinionated local gossip reaper, with a whole lot of truth and lies.
Might be bigger than Sir. Shrinkey Dink's blog?


Anonymous said...

lol this is actually directed at me.
I think I will start a blog. but not all gossip.
I dont think it's gossip when you just want to know, about the lives of people you 'follow'. merely a low form of cyber stalking, and lots ofg interest.

your blog is insightful, but I think we'd clash. oh, I do argue with myself as well. in a quest for the answer? THE ANSWER judd. post about the answer. your philosophy is awesome.

oh fuck me Im deep.

but seriously, you guys are funny. and I want to know.

yours truly,
novel monging whore,

Anonymous said...

not even a reply? and I sat here this long waiting for approval.

juddLOCKS said...

haha I'm very sorry! I had a nap :)

Thankyou for your compliments I love you :)

To answer your original question, all I can really say is nothing BIG and exciting happened between Madison and I... we just sought of fucked things up for ourselves and she feels it will never go back to normal so... ??? you can pretty much work out whats happened if you decode my little sentences, other than that it's personal buisness for us and our friends.

suomynonA. said...

well damn.
but Im satisfied. you're both hot and have funny blogs. so keep being hot, and having funny blogs, and we'll still love you.
Much love.