Friday, December 25, 2009


 "In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression vividly when they're the victims. Otherwise they victimize blindly and without a thought."

          Isaac Bashevis Singer, author, Nobel Prize 1978

Hope you all enjoyed your tortured kill on a plate on this phony day of love.
All I know is that you can't build any kind of spirituality on the misery of other beings.
What I liked most about the film Avatar was the natural equilibrium they had with their planet.
They were evolved far beyond the human race, although the humans were the ones with all the technological advancements, they were so far behind.
I know I'm talking science fiction here, but if you do your research you'll find that this is incredibly true.
Most of you will think I'm loony so I'm not going to delve into my knowledge on such aspects.
Basically we need to learn how to love, and this world would enter a higher dimension.
A much greater understanding of ourselves and the universe.
I'm sorry I be preaching my Vegetarian morals on you all, as I know how angry it makes me when I see Christians do it... thing is... if a man named Jesus Christ actually was here performing miracles and there was 1st person proof of him and his message then I would endorse it.
Animal cruelty is real.
It surrounds us, hidden most the time, but everywhere.
I just don't get why people can think it's ok?
If it were happening to them or their loved ones, or even the human population...
They wouldn't have a bar of it!
I always relate slaughterhouses to Jew camps but I'm going to say it again.
Humans are the Nazi's, animals are the Jews.
I like to compare Vegheads with Brad Pitt's character from Inglorious Bastards.
Just like the Germans feel disgustingly embarrassed for their ignorance and stupidity in what they did to the Jews, I hope the whole human race feels the same way about their treatment to animals one day.
Humans aren't the only species on the planet, they just act like it.
We're not superior to animals at all, they've earned just as much right to be here and to be free as us.
Just like us they feel pain. Some of them even have more sensitized nerve systems etc, the pain could be worse.
So while you allow your body to be a living grave, think about the torturous life your christmas roast had.
It was more than likely factory farmed, unless you killed your own chicken.
This involves procedures that to humans would be defined as "extreme torture".
 The bird had three toes chopped off and was 'debeaked', all without anesthetic of course.
De-beaking involves amputating the highly sensitive beak tissue with a hot blade, or pliers... and it causes life long pain and suffering. Both de-beaking are coined as 'necessary' so the birds will not peck an claw one another to death out of misery and frustration in the warehouses they 'live' until they reach the slaughterhouse.
Not to mention the other forms of torture we inflict on them, to list a few:
The intensive confinement crowds thousands of birds basically on top of one another, on their own shit, breathing in ammonia fumes caused by the shit, which causes ulcerated feet, destroyed lungs and eyes burned out by the fumes. Not to mention the emotional frustration and stress which causes insanity.
They're fed a nice diet of anti-biotics to keep them alive in their hell long enough to get them to slaughter, and growth hormones which make their bodies grow way to fast for their physical strength to keep up, many dying of heart-attacks.
Finally they are put out of their misery in the most humane way possible.
Yeah right. Having their throats slit and being stunned by electricity is humane.
In truth, the electricity razors through the birds eyes, eardrums and heart, causing unbearable pain, like they haven't already experienced enough.
Merry Fucking X.

Vegetarians live longer than meat-eaters. Have fewer diseases. Eat in peace.
We're just better people than you.
Vegans being greater.
Try Vegetarianism.
Peace :)


Alex said...

hahhahahaaah "we're just better people than you"
i love this.
your amazing

juddLOCKS said...

Also... Dear 'X'. Don't preach vegetarianism if you're only vegetarian because you 'just hate the taste of meat.'
Its a cause for passion, not to label yourself.
If people caught wind of that they would probably shun you like there's no tom so change your ways... or way of expression.

suomynona said...

Rant Rant rant.
like a fucking catholic at christmas.
love, love.

ruuuth said...

judd, i don't think vegetarianism makes someone a better person necessarily

Anonymous said...

You preach, claiming you know so much and speak down to others. Yet really, you are just a sad little boy who needs to learn about true freedom. Freedom where people can live as they please, without individuals like you trying to control them because you believe you are right. People are happy for you to eat what you please so maybe you should give the same rights to others.

Any person who has been through the genocide of the jews by hitler, would spit in your eye for even trying to equate it to eating animals.

No one agrees with animal cruelty, but you know so little. Yes there are animals that are treated poorly when mass produced for meat, but also there are standards which are followed or atleast should be.

Most animals are stunned before being culled. They do not feet a thing. You research simpky what you want to hear but don't give notice to anything that takes away from your theory.

let people live how they please, humans ARE above animals on the food chain.

juddLOCKS said...

Anonymous... I know lots.
I don't think the Jews would spit in my eyes, I think they're more likely to spit in your eyes.
Humans aren't even attached to the food chain.
"No one agrees with animal cruelty"?
So then why do argue my point?
I think it is YOU who hears and reads what you want to hear so you can eat your meat guilt free.
Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

most vego's i know are very unhealthy, 90% are on iron tablets. And your poor immune system is pretty much torn apart.

Being a vego does not make you a better person, just someone with a different view point.

I think you just insulted alot of your friends, i dare say they arent all non meat eaters.

maddtwatter said...

this is going to go off.

juddLOCKS said...

Iron tablets do shit all... and if they went to the doctors and actually had blood tests their iron levels would be most likely be fine. Eat food with iron in it? Simple... you'd rather do that than kill your pet dog.

Luckily most my friends are vegetarians/vegans.
The rest feel guilty and I hope will one day see the need to turn to the light side.

Killing equals bad person.
We don't kill... you do.
So technically... if karma judged us at the gates of afterlife, based on obvious moral courtesy, example, pain= bad, for obvious reason, then i'd say they'd see us as better people.

It's other factors too obviously.
Did you know Hitler was a vegetarian/XXX?
Most evil man alive, maybe he actually had some common sense, kill humans because they suck.

^ I'm half joking there guys don't get your knickers in a knot.

Alex said...

enlighten me to the reason behind it being "ok" to lock up a criminal for murder towards a human when you murder at nearly every meal?

ruuuth said...

I don't think you should even joke about Hitler having common sense.....

juddLOCKS said...

I don't think you should joke about animal cruelty but people still do it.

Alex said...


juddLOCKS said...

Alex. You are the perfect human. Do you want to go live in the wild... just eat the fruit from the tree's and wear gas masks so we don't pollute the air with carbon dioxide? Minus the last bit I think that's a little too much.

ruuuth said...

I know Judd, and it's a horrible thing. But I think that you have to be able to distinguish between meat eaters and the people who treat these animals like this. I don't get a sick sense of satisfaction when I eat meat or anything like that? I own pets, the idea of hurting them makes me feel ill.

Alex said...

hahah i actually do.
live naturally fuck all this useless crap away(L)
your perfect

suomynona said...

judd, you're CO2 is nessessary for your plants (food source) to exist. it's hardly pollution.

and the comment about not being part of the food chain, that's not serious, is it?

juddLOCKS said...

There is no distinguishing differences between someone who treats animals bad and your average human omnivore. They cause the cruelty by placing a demand on meat, to work in an abattoir is just a job, although fucked if you were ignorant and cruel enough to actually work there.
Fuck I hate seeing video's of workers beating animals for the pure sake of it.

ruuuth said...

But because they eat meat doesn't mean omnivores enjoy those videos....surely you realise that.

juddLOCKS said...

It was a joke... well not really because the CO2 levels are (supposedly) causing global warming. There would still be enough people exhaling lol i just wouldnt have been responsible for any pollution whatsoever.

Get me? My joke explained.

The comment about not being apart of the food chain was serious.

Chains need links.
You know what a chain looks like right?
We're part of the food "ladder" or "pyramid"
Not chain.
To eat and be eaten.

Who hunts us?

(and dont say that 0.00000000000000001% of the population get eaten by a shark or some bullshit.)


juddLOCKS said...

@ ruth:

If they are not going to do anything about it then sorry... No difference in my eyes.

suomynona said...

maybe if certain people stopped eating so many plants, the CO2 would be absorbed, as natural.

every argument has an opposition judd.
you can't always be the only person who's right.

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot judd haha.
get over yourself.

juddLOCKS said...

@ backwards anon.

That was no opposition! I clearly am right on this :)

@anon Yes I am an Idiot :) it's not I love myself at all... I just want everyone to love everything lovely this planet has got to offer.
Provide an argument that says i'm wrong that actually makes sense. Sorry I'm brave enough to be militant about this atrocity

Anonymous said...

"There would still be enough people exhaling lol i just wouldnt have been responsible for any pollution whatsoever."

that's the same with vegetarianism.

there will always be people who eat meat, millions of them.

juddLOCKS said...

Vegetarianism is on the rise every year. At the rate its sped up in the last ten years it will only be 97 more years until 100% of the population are vegetarians. Thats a very false analysis of statistics but each vego saves 100+ animals a year. The more people I can wake up to the truth the better.

Gracey said...

Hahahaah Judd you're amazing
yum yum yum christmas turkey :)

The fact is that killing any being unnecessarily is wrong. No matter what species they are.
No one can argue against this. In every religion, every culture, there are rules stating that killing is wrong. So why should this apply to one species and not another?

Humans are at a stage in evolution where we no longer need meat, it's actually bad for us. It's a FACT. So people really should stop trying to justify supporting such a disgusting, inhumane industry. Everyone deserves to know the facts and that's all you're giving them. They should feel guilty.


Alex said...

grace i love you

juddLOCKS said...

I love you more Grace :)
We know we're better than them haha



maddi b said...

guess im not a 'thinking' friend

ellora said...

i have no idea if this has already posted, my computer is fucking up.
yep, that's fucked.
this makes me even more proud to be vegetarian.
i wish everyone would take this in, but i don't think that's going to happen. it's not even that hard, what with all the vegetarian alternatives of meat that actually taste like the real thing.
i think everyone is entitled to their own opinion though so i'm not going to abuse someone for eating meat although i am constantly bagged out for being vegetarian. people who choose to be vegetarian should be given the same respect as people who aren't.
oh and anonymous, i have been a vegetarian for awhile now and my health has not changed, if anything, i think it has gotten better. your theory is fucked, and the people on iron supplement tablets obviously aren't going vegetarian for the right reasons.
good on ya, judd.

Anonymous said...

vegetarians are less likely 2 get most forms of cancer so nerrrrh

Anonymous said...

vegetarians and vegans taste better

Wilbus said...

I eat meat and quite enjoy it.
That doesn't mean I think it'd be a hoot to kick the shit out of a weak cow before slitting its throat and watching it drown in it's own blood.
That's disgusting.
But like most things in the world, as I'm sure you can appreciate Judd, people will do anything no matter how morally wrong to make money.
I'm just here, doing what I think people are made to do, which is eat meat. It's good for you.
The way we get that meat has changed, and yes, it is completely fucked up.
It won't stop me eating meat.
As for it making me a shit human being.
I think that's too far.
But that's your opinion and I completely respect it, more then the opinion of most really.
I hope you can appreciate my point of view.
:) (L).

Anonymous said...

"Vegetarians are more intelligent."
In that statement you are making a generalisation that ALL vegetarians are of higher intelligence than meat eaters.
Which is a completely apocryphal and unverified.

No doubt there is a high number of intelligent Vegetarians/Vegans but just in relation to the large number of non-meat eaters and due to that mass of people it is common sense that there would be a large number who when assessed would fall below the intelligence levels of meat-eaters.
Some would be above, some would be below and others would be on par.

Awareness of animal cruelty does is in no way an indicator of ones intelligence. Anybody can learn about what does go on, it is simply interest. Not everyone is interested but that in no way makes them of lesser intelligence.

It's Elouise by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Judd, I've lost count of how many lines you've crossed. For someone who says that their life is about love and acceptance, you do an awful lot of judging and preaching about things you don't know both sides of the story to.

What you do, is no better than what radical Christians do. They think that they are always right and refuse to accept other people's beliefs and rights, and as far as I can see, you can't understand that anyone would possible be able to dispute your "perfect" way of thinking. It makes me sick.

juddLOCKS said...

@ Elouise - that was mainly just to be a smart ass and push buttons, I do agree with you.

@ Anon- All about LOVE, not acceptance.
I refuse to accept acts of HATRED like animal cruelty.
How do I not know both sides to the story?
Please do tell me the side I apparently do not know.

I love the passion guys... for once people are trying to actually think about what they believe in.
I almost feel like we're back in the 60's where people actually gave a shit haha

This whole blog was to disturb the peace a little, cause a reaction (as it was my 200th blog :) and I certainly achieved that.

But I'm not going to do nothing about this torture that people continue to think is perfectly fine.

To cross the line once more... I feel so passionate about this that I don't even think I want to be friends with people that argue that animals are meant to be eaten... I don't care if you're necessarily Veg or not, but show some fucking respect to the animals and all the pain they went through, and don't you dare fuck with my Vegan friends either.

jake, said...

I have two questions. What do you mean about building a spirituality (second line)? I thought you were an atheist? Spirituality involves the existence of a higher spirit, hence the name.

Also I don't quite buy this whole moral thing you're talking about. Have you read any Friedrich Nietzsche? Basically humans are just an advanced form of animal. We are animals and come with all the visceral, primitive aspects that can be observed in the animal kingdom. Given that I don't see how it's accurate to say that human beings are removed from the food chain. In fact, according to evolution, if the primitive forms of humans (homo habilis etc.) weren't omnivores then they wouldn't have had the required nutrition to evolve into modern day man.

suomynona said...

"each vego saves 100+ animals a year. The more people I can wake up to the truth the better"

that hundred animals you'saved' isnt born now anyway.
that 100 animals was bred for meat,
now they don't get to live.
so saying that you're saving their life is fucking retarded. there isnt a feild full of all the animals you've saved. the feild doesnt exist. you save nothing, because there is nothing without demand.
how about preaching about letting pets go into the wild?
they'll die too, but its ok. you're saving them from captivity.
I am losing so much respect for you. I eat meat probs, 3 or four times a week. Im not ms. bravery, Im not Mr fucking wise guy. I eat it because it was provided for me by my parents. so I argue that if my parents provide for me, who am I to spit in their face?
my family get our meat from close family friends, my father has helped with the 'slaughter' and you're wrong. they arent in it for pain. they're saving the animals they bred for a certain life, having to live it any longer. in the most humane way possible, they are killed, then, you may be surprised to know, ALL of the snimal is used, none is wasted.
because that would be cruel. to take a life without cause or reason.
fuck you judd. there are arguments on either side. maybe if you step away from the tunnel of vision you seem to have, you can accept others, as we have accepted you. nobody is telling you to eat meat.

Alex said...


juddLOCKS said...

@ Jake... I'm no Athiest, I just think God is incomprehensible, hence despise religions... Spirituality should have nothing to do with Religious values.
Yes I understand we developed because of red meat, but we've developed more so now to no longer rely on it. Like I said... I don't see us being in the food chain if there is no predators of human. We were once in it sure, but we are so far disconnected from the natural world its not funny.

@anon backwards... You must think I'm really stupid... Like I think I already stated in a face-book argument, I know I'm preventing life.
I know I'm not picking out a lucky 100 to run and live free.
But I know I'd rather not be born at all, than be born into torturous slavery, there's more to this existence than the living we know.
You quoted:

"I eat it because it was provided for me by my parents. so I argue that if my parents provide for me, who am I to spit in their face?
my family get our meat from close family friends, my father has helped with the 'slaughter' and you're wrong. they arent in it for pain. they're saving the animals they bred for a certain life, having to live it any longer. in the most humane way possible, they are killed, then, you may be surprised to know, ALL of the snimal is used, none is wasted.
because that would be cruel. to take a life without cause or reason."

Seriously do not get what the hell you're trying to say. So I'm just going to pick at each sentence.
Firstly... The thing about your parents... ask for them to provide a less tortured meal? Just because you're too lazy to "provide" for yourself, doesn't mean you don't have a choice in what you eat? Why would you spit in their faces? I never suggested that?
So your dad kills animals, thats ok its just a job I guess. They're not in it for pain? They're saving the animals? Well I wouldn't call killing "saving" when they could also "save" it by letting go (cept for it would be too weak to survive by then).
They're bred for a certain life. Well that's real fair isn't it?
They don't get any choice in the way they live?
But thats ok because that's what they were bred for.
Life is sacred. Humane... they may as well not even bother. I mean they've already made it suffer for 6 months. Humane and killing? Never quite get that one.
AND ACTUALLY! Why would I be surprised that all of the animal is used?
Do you really think I have no idea what I'm talking about? Yes EVERY bit of the chicken is used. Its fucking disgusting.
MRM. hot-dogs and shit are a whole heap of crap like bones mixed with bread crumbs and the works.
I'm not tunnel visioned. I see both sides very clearly as I too once and Ignorant meathead, I see both sides and I know this is the right side.
And sorry... people DO tell me to eat meat.
Vegetarians cop shit all the time from ignorant douchebags.
Just turning some tables.

Also You said "that would be cruel. To take away life without reason or cause".
No one deserves to die, not when they're innocent.
Its very cruel.


i couldnt be bothered reading all of this conversation, but i do have something to contribute.

i consider myself a nihilist in almost every sense of the word. i believe that our existance has no ultimate moral guidelines to govern the universe. therefore preaching to someone that it is wrong to do something, and right to do something else, is more or less equal to calling yourself a god.

however, to me, if a person is quite happy to support the extreme suffering that goes on in industries such as the meat industry every single day, it really doesnt add up why they would care so much when they, for example hear about one young human child, whome they dont know personally, getting kidnapped and tortured to death.

as part of a species with the intellect and capactity to show empathy beyond my own species; like all other primemates have within their brains, i choose the path of less suffering for all.

imagine life through the victims eyes, how would it feel?

we as humans have the power to reduce the suffering in the world to almost nil on our own behalf. the method is very simple, and i have chosen to be a part of the movement.

personally, any human who is too lazy to make a diffence in the life of a suffering animal; and especially those who go a step further and argue that their suffering is nessisary; well, i hope you share the same fate as your meal.

juddLOCKS said...

He said in ALMOST every sense of this world... Just pointing that out not defending etc.

Anonymous said...

Eh i would rather be less evolved than a murderer.
Besides personally i believe in evolving we just created many problems for ourselves that now we have to fix.

juddLOCKS said...

Finally someone with some common sence. Thankyou for not trying to argue killing should be acceptable :)

Anonymous said...

No-one here tried to argue that inhumane killing was acceptable....I know that you'll argue that by eating meat you condone killing rah de rah de rah, yes we know. But no one agrees with animal cruelty. WE AGREE WITH YOU, IT IS WRONG, OKAY? You need to relax or you are going to turn into a very narcissistic and paranoid old man. God I wish I could be there when meat-eating friends read this and have to read that you basically don't want to be assoicated with them. Some friend you must be

Anonymous said...

when you go see first hand how animals are killed in AUSTRALIA and not on those peta videos you watch which are all from across the world minus australia, you will see that animals are not put through as much pain and torture as you make out to be. although the killing of animals is still wrong, at least they aren't being violently murdered.

i think you need to slow down on your views towards everything, especially religion it's rude and distasteful. great that you have your own opinions but keep them to yourself, everyone is sick of it.

Alex said...

My friend did work experience at an abattoir and they saw things that made them want to vomit ( he is not even vegetarian) They where most certainly not killed in a human way.
Also their has been a case this year where dairy farm has been shut in yarra because of its terrible conditions.
It is happening and just because you choose not to see it does not mean its not there.
most companies even small aren't going to be open about their cruelty ( mostly for money reasons i presume)

juddLOCKS said...

@1st anonomous... Well not here they didn't but on the facebook one people seriously think thats purely what animals are there for... to slaughter and eat.
I only didn't want to be associated with Those^^ type of people... that will not accept cruelty is wrong...
Not just general meat-eating friends, like I said... as long as they at least show respect then I can deal with that.

@2nd Anon... I plan on doing alot of research into Australia's treatment... although I too would hope it's not AS bad its still murder and cruelty and just because I live in Australia doesn't mean the message can't extend oversea's... all you can do is try so cut me some slack.
I'm sorry that I've offended you with my views on Religion... but honestly I'm not going to change because some anonymous person told me too... I think its good for people to challenge their fate... that's where people like me come in... No not really haha basically this is my blog... I keep it to myself in my blog.
If you're not happy with what I write just don't read it... But people to continue to read them, and I think it's to challenge their beliefs too.
I think its great really... whether I be wrong or right... people are thinking... beats playing farmville or some bullshit.
I think we're all old enough to be friends... its only a debate. If you don't want to participate, then don't :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Judd, you sound like a Catholic.

I love my mcnuggets.

lorien said...

You're not very open minded...
I agree with most of that, except for the bit about humans not being superior to animals.. I dont see them using cell phones and driving in cars.. My sister has a horse and it shits on its leg and doesnt clean it.. Ewwwwww. Im so happy to be a human.
I do believe that animals should have as much rights as we humans do..

Anonymous said...

my favourite pass time is to such the juices out of a big fat STEAK! ily dead animal in my tummy!

Anonymous said...

@Lorien BeautyLove

your favourite books are the twilight series, to me this explains why your complete is complete and utter bullshit.

Anonymous said...

'to me this explains why your complete is complete and utter bullshit.'

to me, this explains why your comments are void.
I learnt proofreading in grade 4, did you?

Anonymous said...

lol good life "ily dead animal in my tummy"
i hope you pet eats you one day.

juddLOCKS said...

haha COMMENT is COMPLETE and utter bullshit? lol I got what you mean... I think... shutup you smartass anons!
If you learnt proof-reading you might have noticed you didn't CAPITALISE your "t" at the start of a new sentence/paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Lorien beauty love is hilarious!!! 'my sister has a horse and it shits on its leg'
i know plenty of humans that shit on their legs.

Judd, in your post you mention the movie avatar and the relationship they have with the earth.
The na'vi appreciated the planet for what it was and what it gave, but they ate meat as well. They ate meat and respected that it came from the earth but despite their lack of technology and development THEY UNDERSTOOD THAT EATING MEAT WAS JUST A PART OF LIFE.

juddLOCKS said...

Lol at avatar. Yes I know that but they we're much more spiritually evolved and one with nature, part of the food chain etc. But it's fiction haha so no point argueing it really. But yeh they only killed what they needed to in the greatest possible respect. But meat isn't neccassary sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ummm Avatar is based on a true story.

Anonymous said...

'If you learnt proof-reading you might have noticed you didn't CAPITALISE your "t" at the start of a new sentence/paragraph.'

lol that was a weak insult.

Gracey said...

Gahh i hate it that people try to argue that the way the animals are killed is humane!
There is no humane way to kill something!
A person could not kill another human and have the murder labeled as 'humane'. So why should this be different to animals?
All animals with nervous systems, feel pain. Every form of murder is cruel.

If humans actually needed meat and only consumed as much as was needed and was natural, as on Avatar, then things would be completely different.
But people are breeding these animals for slaughter. 20 million animals are slaughtered in the US alone, every day. This isn't natural. This is disgusting.
If it were humans being killed it would be labeled as 'genocide' or 'massacre' but because animals are considered lesser than us, we call it food.
The way humans are can in no way be compared to Avatar or any other thing of this kind because we have no respect for our land or any other being.

To eat meat is to support the industry, to support cruelty. Every time you buy any kind of meat, you are telling the industry that what they are doing is right and you're ok with it. So you cannot say that you don't support cruelty if you eat meat.

Ily Judd

Anonymous said...

animals are lesser than us.
this is the most stupid point to argue.
fuck, don't eat meat, good for you, but seriously no one cares about your preaching. go make a vego love club and stop harassing everyone else about what they choose to eat and support.

Dreamer said...

anonymous should die,
no matter how many "standards" there are put in place for the treatment of animals in these places
its still taking a life of a living creature unnecessarily
you cant justify that shit because you treat them good before you kill them, skin them, rip out their bones and eat their flesh

Anonymous said...

Its not an unnecessary taking of life though.
Comes back to our favourite argument, human beings have evolved as meat eating creatures.
Are you vegetarians okay with people eating meat if its killed humanely? "there is no humane way to kill something!"
believe it or not, not all animals are killed in slaughterhouses as portrayed by your little PETA videos.
Seriously, I have no problem with vegetarians and their views on animal cruelty and all that shit, but you guys are the most narcissistic, self indulgent fucks. Honestly, believing that you're better than other people because you don't eat meat is ridiculous.
Its the same with those that choose not to drink, or not to smoke. Well done for making a choice and feeling strongly about it, but chances are you're doing it just to feel better about yourself and as a reminder of how totally awesome you are for having big opinions.

Anonymous said...

animals dont feel pain because of lack of complexity in their brain.
so really, it doesnt matter if they are brutally slaughtered.

MILITANT said...

deny it all you want.
we all know the truth.

juddLOCKS said...

@ the anon after dreamer, sorry but lately I just have had enough of the bullshit in this world. We speak for those who cannot. The superioty thing was a half joke. Just like Jesus was a better person than hitler, and the innocent are better than the guilty. Murder is bad. Get my flow?

juddLOCKS said...

@ anonymous ^ I hope you don't believe in karmic re-encarnation.
@ militant- you fucking rule haha

Also vegism is nothing like edge etc.
That's only affecting the individual.

Anonymous said...

No I dont care about you writing that you are a better person because you dont eat meat, i saw that as a joke.
but its the superiority complex that comes with vegetarian that makes people hate you guys. it is literally a matter of vegetarians thinking they are better than everyone else because they're passionate about the humane treatment of animals and not eating meat.
nice, well done, you're doing something different. you're supporting a cause. but really, drop the narcissism.

MILITANT said...

in a matter of morals and compassion you guys looseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and in matters of intelligence and logic you vegetarians seem to be losing.
Not eating meat doesn't really indicate extreme levels of compassion.
I get that some animals are treated inhumanely and I would never condone that. But I also get that eating meat is an important part of my diet in order to stay healthy, and that in the grand scheme of things, humans were meant to eat meat.
Basically, its the arguments over and over again. I think everyone would be happier if you did what you want; don't eat meat, whatever, but stop complaining to us about our choice of meal!

Anonymous said...

If you justify eating meat
kill yourself

juddLOCKS said...

^I like you.
I hope we're friends in real life.

Anonymous said...

lol and all your preaching does nothing.

cry more vegos. ugh.

Anonymous said...

i work at an abbottior. pay is good

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm not going to stop eating meat because you harassed me about it on the net.
i dont think anyone is, really.
time wasted.
and i wasted time reading this when i could be chowing down on a nice, bloody, slaughtered cow.

Anonymous said...


i personally think, meat is yummy and should be eaten by all!

kthnx bye.

Anonymous said...

cruelty is cheaper.

pretty simple. Eating meat is in no way wrong...other wise ur saying its wrong to want to survive. Killing an animal in order to survive is in no way wrong. its part of nature, animals kill other animals to survive, and humans are not an exception.

but when we start forcefully breeding and manufacturing large amounts of animals with the intention of torturing them and THEN killing them in the cruelest way that is deemed 'legally allowed' and then SELL in order to gain a profit.....than we don't deserve to eat any other living being on this planet.

humans cheat their way through existence...and sooner or later where gonna get caught out.

ily juddles xx

The Doctor said...

Hello retarded Judd"fuckingidiot"LOCKS.

I hope you kill yourself, so I can eat you.

Animals eat other animals, we're basically animals, so you can stfu. And you can preach to me about how we don't NEED meat, but it's called evolution, and things can become innate desires, just like meat has become.

Cut your fucking ugly hair and get some face-cream and then try hanging yourself in your closet you alternate conforming fuck-head.

Plants are living things too, and you eat them, it's the same principal. I don't think they'd enjoy being cut up for your pussy-stew.

- Someone better than you.

Anonymous said...


alex t - said...

cant be fucked reading this but you seriously have a problem if you think eating meat makes you less of a person. dont act like your better than someone for not eating meat or and other animal bi-products. its a choice and by all means go for it but do not pull shit like this, you are no better than anyone else, if anything you are less of a person for acting like you are on higher ground. please feel free to contact me about this, if im good enough to talk to.

alex t said...

and im also pretty sure you shouldnt compare the annihilation of almost a whole race to this, yeah animal cruelty isnt right but i dont see how you saying youre a better person is going to stop it occuring.

yours truly

- alextee

juddLOCKS said...

I don't see why I shouldn't compare the two.
Their similarities are staggering.

The 'we're better people than you' was just me being a smart ass and stirring shit.

Let me rephrase...

Vegetarians: they show more heart.

Murderers: they show less heart and less love towards the earth and it's inhabitants.

Murdering a human is wrong...
And you agree killing animals is wrong.

Well then I must be right?

I don't add input to such disgrace...

Just like you'd consider yourself a better (meaning: lovelier, more caring) person than a man who's kills and tortures children,

I consider myself a better person now I'm a vegan.

Whether you do or not doesn't bother me.

alex tee said...

any jewish person would not be impressed with you comparing the annihilation and supression and tortue of a race to animals, you imply the jews are animals. pretty sure they would not be impressed.

vegetarians are not all vegetarians because they disapprove of animals being killed, some vegetarians just dont like the taste of meat, or just make it is a dietary choice.

i also think classifying everyone else who eats meat as murderers is a bit far. you eat fruit and vegetables? well theyre living, you are still a 'murderer'.

i did not agree that killing an animal is wrong, i said animal cruelty is wrong and yeah you may say but killing an animal is cruel but do you know how much money would have to be spent to kill them with anesthetic? the economy would be fucked.

it is hardly the same as considering myself a better person than someone who tortures and kills children, unlike animals, children are of the same evolutionary species as myself, its the natural order of life, like the food chain, are the sharks murderers for eating the fish? its what they need to have a stable healthy diet and live.

you may feel as though you are a better person now that youre vegan, and good for you, but thats all you are, a better person to yourself, not a step above all those who eat meat.

Anonymous said...

I eat meat.
I am not a bad person for it.
Its just the fact i do like meat.
I like veggies aswell.

Do not judge Judd.
Give peace and love a shot homie.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with everything you have argued.
But most of these anonymous people are too stupid to understand. It makes me angry.

juddLOCKS said...

Thankyou kind Anon...
reading back I still stand by the majority of things I said.

Least some people are up with it.

Karl said...

Late comment ^_^
I agree with you entirely Judd.
The majority of this world need to understand that Vegetarianism is worth it. Think about it. Your next meal could be your dog!
The killing of animals is sickening, and should be frowned upon in every Country in this world.