Monday, December 7, 2009

I didn't ask for Theatrical Matrix to change the script.

Climbed the wall of death tonight.
This time I bought some friends.
Luis came up with me while Hannah and Alex chilled like ants in cordial.
Jumped down from halfway and rolled all the way down the bark hill, not good for the sunburn lol, but accidently looked and felt cool. We then almost jumped on a train to Sydney. One day.
Ceri lent me Mighty Boosh Dvd's to satisfy my urges for Noel. Mmm.
Thankyou Ceri I love you.
Then we apple tv'd youtube video's before basically falling asleep on the couch.
Thought I best leave and somehow didn't fall asleep whilst driving home.
Now I'm awake again however.
But I'm still dreaming.


Alex said...

i wish i was taller so i could have come up:(!

Alex said...

so fun , i was so scared on the top of that roof.
you have no idea haha

juddLOCKS said...

lol you're hating the double post! haha well i was there to catch you luckily. Also lucky you're as light as smoke.
Lets continue our adventures!