Thursday, December 3, 2009

What you see, is what you'll get.

Buying an iPhone tonight. 32gb White 3GS.
Trying to attain myself the perfect honda crx asap.
Then really all I need and want is a sick house, and all the technological essentials to within it.
Oh and and SLR would go alright so I could take cool pics of all my prized possessions.
Oh and tattoo's, seriously... for me I'm too much of a perfectionist to figure out what I want.
I've recently got a couple of idea's for chest script, but i want colours and symmetry surrounding it and I want something original, wings seems a tad overused. Fucked if I'm ever going to think of enough idea's to cover the amount of skin I hope to soon/one day cover.
Oh and I want to jump from an aeroplane, preferably in a wing suit.
If I can at least do that i'll be fine with death.

Hmm. Second thought. The more I get, the more I want more.
I will never be materialistically satisfied.
I will be happy, but never 100% satisfied.
There is always more out there.

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Anonymous said...

i'll satisfy you, love stefan