Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HELP. Is this a haunting of some sort?

Yo. Last night Jordyn and I were just being idiots making funny video's, but after we watched them back we both got rather frightened by a reflection of a girl.

First Video: Just us being funny.

Second Video: First ten seconds in the reflection of the container I hold up... See it!?

Third Video: Tried to recreate it, figure out what it could've been.

We're baffled.
Slightly freaked out.
There was NO-ONE in that end of the house when we were recording the video.
My mum and Edwina were up the other end sleeping, and it's too chubby for them anyway.
I ended up having to wake my mum up, that's how scared we were lol, she was just as freaked out as us.
We tried to prove it was just a reflection from the tv, but failed time and time again.


Anonymous said...

its stefan,

elynor said...

i'm scared.