Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back when I was young...

Today I'm here to share a lovely story about love.
I was having a great old chat to my Gran and Grandad on Christmas, and we got on to the topics of girlfriends, or lack of one.
My Gran said "don't tie yourself down while you're still young".
I laughed at that because she was the one who fell in love at the age of 17 and got married.
I then said to my Grandad, "she must regret tying herself down with you!"
He laughed and "No way".

Then we rewind back to the year of hmm... lets say 1940? (Hope that's no offence).
My Gran worked as a receptionist in a huge car factory in Geelong, she was the only female in the entire building.
Anyway, she had just gotten her hair cut by an Italian hair stylist, some brand new spankin' cut that curled around her face.
She thought it looked great and stepped out of the Salon with a smile on her face.
That's when she sees a slightly older gent from work siting across the road of the main street, eying out the ladies. It was his usual night fun, she had heard 'things' about this man.
He was looking at her and with his fingers called her over to his car.
She pranced on over, expecting a nice compliment about her new hair.
She leans in the window and says "yes?"
With a smirk on his face he asks,
"Would you like a paper bag?"
"For that hair of yours?".
Horrified, she walked away without saying another word.

What a legend my Grandfather is... a jerk perhaps... but you know how the theory goes,
Treat girls like crap and they'll keep coming back.

Well by next week he started talking to her at work, she had pretended he never been so rude.
It must of became obvious because everyone started warning my Gran about him.
I didn't get told exactly but by the smug looks on my Grandads face, I'm guessing he was a bit of a Pimp.
Things kept going through the next couple of weeks.
He started giving her lifts home.
She was only 17 and he was 25, so there was no way my gran was going to let her family know.
The guys gave her hell at work.
"I swear I could've sued them for harassment".
One of the jokes made was from a man named Doug I think it was... or Ron? I'll go with Doug.

Doug: Hey Margaret! What's wrong with Ken's car?
My Gran: Ah nothing's wrong?
Doug: Oh really? Oh it just we thought he had a hole in his passenger seat because you're always sitting so close to him.

I liked that, it reminded me of me in my three-seater ute haha.

Geelong held an annual dance and they danced together all night.
He asked if he could take her home and she said, no i've been warned about you.
"I ended up going home with some other creep" she then told me.
A week later Ken told Marg he was moving to Canada in three weeks.
He moved just like he said he was going to.
I guess they sent eachother letters because a year later he asked her to move to Canada with him... to marry him.
Everyone was horrified that my gran was even considering it.
"It will never last" they all said.
She ignored their pleads and sailed to Canada at 18.
Her family didn't talk to her for 6 months.
Her twin brother remained in contact however.
She got married and three years later they moved back to Australia, still happily in love until this day.
I guess in summary...
follow your heart.
Even if the first words your soulmate ever says to you are "would you like a bag for your hair?".

I've been meaning to type this story up for a while, I guess because I really liked it.
I hope you did too?

Oh and another funny story that branched from this one:

Doug (Ron?), who I mentioned above, his name was in the "Death" section of the paper.
My grandad read that Doug Smith had died and his funeral was to be held the coming Saturday.
He hadn't seen Dough for a reasonable amount of years, but rang a few of his friends, and they decided they should go and pay tribute to him.
When they got to the funeral, they recognised no-one, but sat down and then later went out and watched his casket get lowered.
A year later my Grandad runs into Doug Smith.
He hadn't died, it was someone with the same name.

Imagine that.
What an idiot but haha...
"Wait a second!? Aren't you dead?"


Megan Yonson said...

ha ha that's so cute, my mum hated my dad when they met! ily

Anonymous said...

I guess the moral of the story is, dont give up on love..

The Doctor said...

Get your line-break on, baddie.

juddLOCKS said...

I thought you said no one wants to read my blogs??
Stop reading them then!

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juddLOCKS said...

Thankyou lovely :):)

The Doctor said...

Hurrr durr I don't have to read it to see that there is a heap of line-breaks.

Anonymous said...

lol this 'Doctor' is a dick.
Who cares if there is a heap of line breaks? Is it really worth commenting on?

juddLOCKS said...

Thankyou :)

Anonymous said...

is the doctor alexia lol

Alexia said...

no, the doctor isn't alexia. FUCK!