Thursday, January 28, 2010

you thought i sent you one of these before because i said your christmas tree looked pretty. silly judd :) but this is me now. hahha

Haha *peeks out window* iiiiiiiii seeee yoouuuu!
Love thy neighbour.

are you and madison back together yet?

No we are not sorry haha

matchmaker has run out of questions

You just need to find inspriation from within.

How many instruments do you play? Were you trained in any of them, or did you just pick them up?

Good question :):)
well in year 8 I bought a 60 dollar acoustic and figured out all the basic riffs of Hayden who had also just started playing but was already a desk of nature on it, I bought an electric soon after and got lessons for about 3 terms but I never really learnt much at lessons compared to what I did on my own so I stopped lessons.
I was obsessed with guitar and in year 9/10 I was at my peak haha but that was the same time my first band *hangs head* in other words came along. I originally played guitar and sang (not that I had ever sang before lol or screamed, but I had practises in the car blasting music like killswitch haha)
then we wanted Ryan in the band as he was such our close friend I let him play guitar and just did vocals.
Pretty much ceased to play guitar after that and concentrated far more on vocals.
Only really started to play guitar again about half a year ago because I had to practise for HSC music, in the end however I didn't end up playing guitar at all haha.
I bought drums in year 10 too and did a term of lessons.
I bought a keyboard towards the end of IOW and figured out some riffs on my own, of my own... Played live too lol.
Started figuring out keys alot more with ChelseaWJ as mark showed me alot. Also recording acoustic songs in the past 6 months I've figured out alot of keys.
Bought a piano about 3 months ago and am slowly getting better. I should have lessons but I cbf'd lol.
Madison bought me a Ukulele about 4 months ago and I pretty much learnt that in a week as it's similar to guitar.
Also borrowed her violin to try teach myself, way too hard haha so I gave up shamefully... I struggle with no frets.
Bass is easy as hell and I play electric guitar again now for HEX.
So yeah.
In year 7 I failed music. I didn't think I had one musical cell in my body. Fucking recorder. I got lowest in my class for that prac test. My teacher was very surprised to see me so keen on guitar a year later.

Ask me anything.

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Amelia said...

The 14 year old emo me saw your band In Other Words play (some gig with Behind Crimson Eyes I think) and I'm pretty sure I loved it. Hahahaha.