Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am... how you say... "lovin it".

Argh! There's been this dry skin scab like thing i've been feeling on my back for the past month and it wasn't til today when I was in Henty for a swim meet that the kids were like... whats that on your back!?
So when I got home I tried taking a picture of him as I don't have the neck skills of an owl.
That's me haha fuck I'm a cooldude. >>>
You can barely even see the mark, so I went in for an action shot!
Haha defs got AIDs.
That'll teach me for getting someone to shoot my back and fuck my bullet wound.
I didn't make that up, my minds not that sick.
It was some movie called "dead girl" or something.
Mark and Stella were trying to explain it to me.
Point is... I have either a sick bite.
Or a rat bitch ringworm.
If it is a worm... I'm going to name him Ronald.
If it's a girl... Raspberry.
Oh and also... tonight at Henty.
I had to swim a race just so I could qualify for this thing later in the year... I dont want to swim but the club uses me.
BUT. I broke a record! In the 100 back. 1:09:something.
And just missed the 100freestyle record, did a 59. Nb Judd.
Then I came home.
Went to Maddi's farewell party.
Went nuts.
Still going nuts... but quietly on my own.
Should probs go to bed.
Wangaratta gig tomo.
Peace-out kitten litter.



LOLLL. It does look like ringworm.

Anonymous said...

ring worm

Vetty said...

def looks like ringworm.