Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Idea.

Today I was awoken from an amazing dream featuring Christopher Drew, feeling great, when I get a text from Jesse from Iexplodelike asking if I could organize a gig in albury for them.
It re-awoke my dream from a while ago I had completely forgotten about.
I want to open a place in albury that has shows maybe every sunday and gets alot of rad bands to play.
People would have to pay an entry fee.
It would sort of be like a place for the kids run by kids.
Retro has lacked alot lately, and everyone's sick of the venue and security and the way it's run and has to be run by governing officials.
I'm not sure as to where we could hold this yet, the costs, the rules if any... I think we could all run under the rule of "respect".
There are so many bands that want to play in albury it's not funny.
We have quite the reputation and more importantly, how many people want to see more Bands play in Albury?
Anyway, I'm going to try make this dream come true, do it the most cost effective way, maybe have a group of friends help me.
I think another rule would be, local bands do not get paid.
I think it's wrong for bands to expect money, it should be about the music especially when starting off.
That's my rough idea.
I'll keep you all updated.
Feel free to help.

1 comment:

Em. said...

I think this is an incredible idea.
If I can help in anyway possible let me know, it'd be a great project to be apart of.