Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internets Anonymous.

Hello. My name is Judd... and I'm addicted to the internet.
I cannot help but to scan through my favourite social websites and refresh three times per second.

This is becoming a huge problem in society.
People everywhere crave others tick of approval, comment of satisfaction, "truthful" abuse.
If you're not involved in such networks then you're just not "cool" and "4W350M3".
Plans and invitations and goss get sent out and passed around over sites like facebook etc.
If you're still using you're Bebo acount from 1999 then you just ain't cuttin' it.
People have to conform to all these sites to keep up.
Keep up cyber-ly, so at the rare occasion they actually converse in real life, they have something to talk about, something to bitch about, so they know.
It's all about knowing.
The thing is half the time no one knows anything.
So what people tell you,
what they claim they've experienced
and how the person 'really' is... is bullshit.
People know nothing first hand anymore because all they experience a computer screen.
People are lazy, they would rather watch an online video of a gig than actually be there.
Rather than respect the performer and clap like they would in real life,
people now feel it's their duty to be a world class critique.
Back to my original self-observation... I'm addicted to the internet, computer/iPhone it doesn't matter.
Lets see if you are shall we?

In the morning:
- Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go to school/work?
-Wake up, stumble out of bed and start checking if anythings changed while you slept? New comments etc? Realising before you know it you're 5 minutes late and havn't cleaned your teeth still.

Do you have more friends:
- Real life?
- Online?

Do you have a webpage?
- Is that like a pet spider?
- Yes I have 10 different pages, I even made a myspace for my pet spider!

Yeah, if you've bothered to read this blog post is enough to certify your addiction.
What should we do?
Hmm... Well, I for one am sick of having 10 different sites.
Can someone please make a site that satisfies everyone?
That has every good aspect of Myspace, Facebook, Truthbox, Blog-sites, Music, Forums, Msn, Formspring, Flickr, Twitter etc?
At least then after everyone migrates we won't have 20 different bookmarks to check.
But I think the real solution is, go outside.
If you fail to do that, without staring at your iPhone, then seek help.
So from now on... I'm going to start a three time refresh limit for myself.
If I refresh a site 3 times and nothing, then I have to leave the computer and go do something more constructive.


Anonymous said...

pffft blogspot..MYSPACE HAS BLOGS, facebook....MYSPACE HAS STATUS UPDATES, TWITTER....TWITTERS UPDATES ARE LINKED TO MYSPACE. Myspace has everything u could want :) and most importantly is has music.


juddLOCKS said...

Myspace has almost everything. Except users.

Anonymous said...


allystuart said...

get over it haha.

Anni Sugar said...

Well played.