Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mother Vegan Straight Edge.

My mum is the best.
She's going Vegan with me, she went shopping today and came back with vegan chocolate, mayonaise, choc milk and she said if she can find vegan cheese she should be set.
I didn't ask or remotely try to persuade her... she's just a tad competitive, loves a challenge and loves animals, the most I've done is show her parts of Earthlings. Most parents would not embrace my lifestyle like that. So thankyou Tra :)
Also, I find it rather offensive to those people that say I'm doing it just so I can say to people "I'm Vegan".
The reason I told everyone is so it would secure the committment to the lifestyle I've always said to myself that I would eventually like to live.
I tried being a vegetarian multiple times but because I told no-one it made it hard to stay true my weak attempt at committment. It wasn't until I went to school and purposely dug myself a hole that I stuck to it.
Now don't take that as if I'm only doing it to live up to a reputation,
it is just when it comes to changing a habit you need to really lay down the line.
How many times do you hear smokers say "I'm quitting soon".
You can say 'soon' all your life... You need to say NOW and stick to it.
Point is, I'm not becoming a Vegan to help my "cool-factor".
I truely, passionately despise animal cruelty and I don't at all want to be a cause for this.
I know some people probably do go vegetarian for the claim, but if you would care to believe me...
I'm choosing veganism for the right reasons.
So please just lay off the hate and I'll lay off the V word, just like I don't rep the X.

Much Love
-reppin straight edge since birth ;)

(Yes, just playing around don't get your knickers in a knot)
I'm sick of being so cautious... wtf!?
Fuck it!
I'm letting haterz win.


veganchickie said...

Good on you!!! It's a great lifestyle choice that you can feel proud about every day!

Dreamer said...

you have no cool factor anyway

alllllllycat said...

your not straight edge you've had sex outside of a relo.

maddi b said...

your mum is the ultimate mother juddy, dont ever take her for granted.

juddLOCKS said...

Thankyou everyone :) she really is eh maddi :) and ally shut up :)