Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Day.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.
So last week today I had a really bad day.
Worst ever really. Nothing went right.
Started off with my 4am goodnight and my 7am alarm.
Then work. Sunburn.
After work I searched everywhere for my keys, thought I'd lost them.
Found them finally in my car. Locked.
Had no shoes and I was on hot midday concrete and was 40 odd degrees.
Found a coathanger, finally broke in.
You guessed it! Car wouldn't start.
Must of left the battery running.
Had to wait for my mum to bring jumper leads.
Thought I'd go get a slushie from Maccas.
Out of order. So I unwillingly get a coke. My kidneys decide to burn to the point where I had to lie down in agony (went to doctors about it, something about glandular fever and coke being shit.)
Finally get home, didn't even get to see Madison while she was in Albury.
Then everyone came over to my house and was like come to the weir!
So along with Stefan, Rhys, Kate, G, Tiarnni, Edwina, Jimi, Tayla I went.
On the drive out I deemed it necessary for me to hang as far as I could out the window, or convince everyone that with a bit of flapping we could fly.
Turns out an undercover cop car was behind us. *_*.
Stefan was loosing his license in two days as it was, and was still paying off another fine...
Add another $250 and three demerit points to that... Good going Judd!
I'm so sorry Stefan :( We agreed we'd share the fine, I paid the majority willingly.
The worst part was I just paid off a speeding ticket for $230 that day.
The mood at the weir was low.
I thought my luck was turning when I found a chair. I ran off with it and turns out of was broken.
I threw it and it cut my hand. So I gave up on life that day. The silver lining we're still unsure of.


Sleepless Nights said...

The silver lining is the sympathy fucks :)

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that STFUMadison is a fake slut.

juddLOCKS said...

Haha she's still cooler than you. Get a life.

tom said...

feeling you bro