Monday, February 1, 2010

Life is like a Carousel...

You have your ups.
You have your downs.
You ride in circles, round and round.
Your friends may leave,
and lose their seat.
But more new people
you may meet.
It can break
and it can wear,
but someone always will repair.
You can leave at anytime.
Or wait to get kicked off.
Or perhaps an accident occurs
and sends you flying off.
Some people you will never see,
different sides of the world.
While others just won't leave your side,
until your ride is hurled.
In good old fashion hierarchy,
The animal sits below our ass.
Giddy up! Giddy up! Giddy up Horsey!
I think I'm gonna pass.
Instead I'll climb on to the pole
enjoy the ride from there.
Life is like a carousel.
Not going anywhere.
So here I watch the world pass by,
I watch for any change.
The man still charges for the ride,
The poor sit back, watch from the side.
The rich walk past filled with pride.
How in hell can I enjoy this ride?
This world is like a carousel.
Outdated, needs to change.
So let's make this world a better ride,
A free and equal ride.
That's filled with fun and happiness.
Is it really out of range?


lorien said...

Usually I believe in "If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all" but... is that poem thingo really worth posting?
You usually post good things!

Ohhh, but I liek the "Things you might not know bout me", you're actually really interesting! Especially the part about not consuming alcohol, thats really good! and the swimming thing too!
I stretched my ears a few years back, I got to 10mm, but then decided to stop cos once you got over 10mm, they wont shrink back!

Love your blog :) and Madisons too! Im all for you 2 getting back together LOL you're both interesting :)

lorien said...

Ohhh, and reading that list further, bout your dad hacinh highest blood/alco level in Albury, I ASSUME (dont KNOW?) thats hes an alcoholic, and thats why u dont drink?
My mums an alco too :) But its so normal now.

lorien said...

OH SHIT do you really do Ouija boards!!!?

Mmmk so Ill stop with the comments now :)

elynor said...

judd! so true, this is really good.

Megan Yonson said...

judd h ah aha i did a valentines thing on facebook and you are my number one valentine. also u and jack were together today, my 2 favourite boys in the world together! i wish i was there