Thursday, February 18, 2010

Out with the Old.

I know I come off as very close minded.
The reason being?
I feel I "know" what is right and what is wrong. Simple. Just like most people.
However the people that accuse me of being tunnel-visioned usually are the one's that do not agree with me on certain things.
That's fine if you don't agree with me.
Truth is a perspective.
However... To gain the best judgement of the "truth" you have to look from more than one perspective.
Can I just state...
If I'm heavily one sided on a topic it's because I've given both sides a chance and through logical understanding of moral judgement, one side has proved itself blaringly "right"- or very convincing to say the least.
When I say I've researched both sides, believe me I have, and I will always give each one a fair go.
So when I decide what I "know" is the right thing... It's not just instinct, but rationalised thinking, research on all sides of argument, proof and experience.
I constantly challenge my belief systems and look for new truths that may outweigh the old ones.
That's how evolution works.
People always call me narrow minded and i get very frustrated and upset because I'm very open minded about anything as long as it's reasonably sensible and isn't selfishly/emotionally fueled.
Most people that accuse me of being close minded, I feel, are the close minded ones.
They never seem to know much at all about why I believe what I do... and I think if they did they may too actually see my perspective as rather reasonable.
Otherwise, they're emotionally attached themselves to a belief, become stubborn or selfish.
Alot of my beliefs I know are not "truth" down to every last detail, in fact some I doubt are remotely "true" at all... but I feel they're alot closer to most and on track to further discovering what we hope to find out one day...
That is the Truth.
That is my perspective.

Another thing that bothers me is how people always try and throw the word "preacher" at me.
The only place I may actually do the most remote bit of preaching would be my blog...
and that's basically because it's my blog, my opinion.
I'm not trying to change anyone... just make people think a little.
I presume you 100 or so people follow me because you're interested in what I have to say?
Otherwise if it's something like smoking and I've showed disapproval, consider yourself lucky I care that much about you as I don't really care if people smoke in general, just wouldn't do it myself or advise it.
I also love a good debate... I don't really consider that to be preaching either, just challenging each others values.

Not right now, but very soon I plan on clarifying all of my beliefs and opinions and why I believe in such. After you have taken a look and consider that, then you are welcome to challenge both our beliefs and sidings or simply state why you came to a certain belief, different or the same.
Until then... Much love readers :)
The more you search, the more you will find, the more you will know.

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